12 February 2012

De Sabata again!

Surprise :)
(dear maready...! I read carefully every message)

Waiting to resume the other De Sabata recordings (for the newcomers - in fact I've counted more or less 1900 downloads for his complete BP recordings, 1300 for Tristan, 1100 for the studio LPO Eroica and so on), here you can find 3 "new entries".

Excerpts from Verdi's Requiem captured in 1940 (unfortunately the entire performance is not preserved), a fragment from Otello at La Scala (1938) and a recently rediscovered Parsifal Prelude I with the Orchestra dell'Accademia di Santa Cecilia (performed in Vatican City, june 1945).

Do not forget that he is considered the best conductor EVER of Otello...

VERDI: Messa di Requiem (excerpts)

Dies irae - Tuba mirum - Liber scriptus - Rex tremendae
Recordare - Ingemisco - Confutatis - Lacrimosa
Sanctus - Libera me

Maria Caniglia, soprano
Ebe Stignani, mezzosoprano
Beniamino Gigli, tenor
Tancredi Pasero, bass

Orchestra e Coro dell'EIAR di Torino e di Roma
Live - December 1940
Roma, Basilica di Santa Maria degli Angeli

VERDI: "Già nella notte densa", love duet from "Otello"

Otello...... Francesco Merli
Desdemona.... Maria Caniglia

Orchestra del Teatro alla Scala
Live - Milano, La Scala - February 1, 1938

WAGNER: Parsifal, prelude I

Orchestra dell'Accademia di Santa Cecilia
Recording: June 15, 1945


Bruno Walter portrait

1-2 Bruno Walter in conversation with Arnold Michaelis, 1956
(from LP Columbia BW 80 - side 1 and 2)

3 Bruno Walter plays Chopin Nocturne, Op. 9, No. 2 in E flat
4 Bruno Walter plays Chopin Waltz Op. 64, No. 2 in C sharp minor
5 Bruno Walter plays two extracts from Schumann's Kreisleriana, Op. 16
II. Sehr innig und nicht zu rasch and VI. Sehr langsam
(Private tapes - recorded at B. Walter's home in Beverly Hills - 1952)

6 Bruno Walter speech - included in the japanese edition of his Beethoven cycle
7 Bruno Walter speech - intermission from the NYPO concert of Jan 26, 1958


10 February 2012

Richard Strauss conducts Mozart (reupload)

A reupload kindly requested by Adam.
I took the opportunity to experience mirrorcreator.

But please, do not ask for other reuploads, be patient. ;)
Of course my intention is to recover at least the most important things (all Toscanini etc), but I will start to do it gradually in three or four months. Not only because of the risk of new problems with file hosting sites: also because otherwise I'd have to stop the "new proposals".

Symphony no. 39
Symphony no. 40
Symphony no. 41

Berlin State Symphony Orchestra

recordings: 1926 (nn. 39 & 41), 1927 (n. 40)
(No DG or Koch... Direct transfers from 78rpm)

9 February 2012

RT030 Mozart - Die Zauberflöte - Salzburg 1937

Die Zauberflöte K.620

Tamino............... Helge Rosvaenge
Pamina............... Jarmila Novotna
Queen of the Night... Julia Osvath
Sarastro............. Alexander Kipnis
Papageno............. Willi Dormgraf-Fassbaender
Papagena............. Dora Komarek
Monostatos........... William Wernigk
First priest......... Alfred Jerger

Wiener Staatsopernchor
Wiener Philharmoniker

Live, Salzburg - July 30, 1937

MF - Flac

7 February 2012

Haydn, Beethoven, Wagner, Glinka, Bartók - cond Nicolai Malko

An anthology of Malko recordings from various sources.
After an intriguing Haydn 100, three rarities of the "golden years" Philharmonia (powerful and well shaped readings of Coriolan & Fliegende Holländer plus a nice Glinka). In conclusion, a not only barbaric, but almost "primitive" version of Bartok PC1 with the pianist & composer Herman David Koppel (1 October 1908 - 14 July 1998)


Symphony no. 100 "Military"
Copenhagen Royal Orchestra
Copenhagen, February 26, 1951
Melodiya, LP Mono D-030327

Coriolan overture op. 62
Philharmonia Orchestra
London, Kingsway Hall - january 28, 1953
78 rpm HMV 2EA 17054/55

Der Fliegende Holländer, overture
Philharmonia Orchestra
London, Kingsway Hall - january 28, 1953
78 rmp HMV 2EA 16252/53

Oriental Dances
Philharmonia Orchestra
London, Abbey Road Studio No. 1
HMV - december 9, 1950 & january 21, 1952

Piano Concerto no. 1
Herman D. Koppel, piano
Danish Radio Symphony Orchestra
Copenhagen - november 4, 1954

Wav files - MF

I learned from Calvin (http://www.only-classical.com/), and then I found confirmation on the web, that mediafire too is in danger. I am currently preparing two or three posts on MF, then we'll see. Narod, Files.mail.ru?
Россия, новую границу? :)

6 February 2012

Leopold Stokowski - 3 rarities (Reupload)

I posted these recordings immediately before the MU blackout and I think some people have not had a download chance.

Having planned more Stoky posts, it's a pity to lose the "first volume": so, here a reupload.

Suite for Violin, Piano and Small Orchestra (17')

I. Overture: Allegro
II. Elegy: Adagio
III. First Gamelan: Allegro
IV. Aria: Lento espressivo
V. Second Gamelan: Allegro moderato
VI. Chorale: Andante
Anahid Ajemian, violin - Maro Ajemian, piano
Leopold Stokowski Symphony Orchestra
October 29, 1952

BEN WEBER (1916-1979)
Symphony on Poems of William Blake, Op. 33 (28')

I. To Autumn II. Never Seek To Tell Thy Love
III. Mad Song IV. To Spring
Leopold Stokowski Symphony Orchestra
October 30 & 31, 1952

ROGER GOEB (1914-1997)
Symphony No. 3 (24')

I. Allegro moderato
II. Andante
III. Vivace

CBS Symphony Orchestra
April 29, 1952


5 February 2012

RT029 - Verdi Falstaff act I + Beethoven 4 (NYPO)

Dear friends, a big embrace and thanks from the bottom of my heart for ALL your "welcome back" comments ;-))

I've tried with narod but the upload is extremely slow (for me); and sincerely I don't like torrents for this kind of material: life too short (and I can't remain enough in seed). RS can be another solution, but I totally dislike their new methods - Rapids? Rubbishes is the correct name - and if you've not a pro account the deletion of files is too fast.

I still don't know if Mediafire will be a good "definitive" solution, but considering your feedbacks at the moment is certainly one of the best possible choices (also considering the option of parallel downloads).

So, let's stop with this bla bla bla... as promised, RT 029.

Symphony No4 in B-flat major, op.60

New York Philharmonic
NY, Carnegie Hall - February 2, 1936

Falstaff - Act I

Falstaff: Mariano Stabile
Mrs. Ford: Franca Somigli
Mrs. Meg Page: Mita Vasari
Mrs. Quickly: Angelica Cravcenco
Ford: Piero Biasini
Nannetta: Augusta Oltrabella
Fenton: Dino Borgioli
Dr. Cajus: Alfredo Tedeschi
Bardolfo: Giuseppi Nessi
Pistola: Virgilio Lazzari

Wiener Philharmoniker

LIVE - Festspielhaus, Salzburg - August 20, 1936
(NBC shortwave broadcast)

MF - Flac

2 February 2012

RT028 Verdi - Falstaff - Toscanini Salzburg 1937

Dear friends, I'm here again.
Thanks a lot for all your kind & encouraging messages!!

I've just subscribed a Mediafire free account in order to try this service.
The upload is a bit slow comparing to MU, so (also considering the "precarious" situation of file hosting sites) at the moment I prefer to focus upon new posts deferring re-uploads to a later time.

As "experiment" here you can find the links for Rare Toscanini 028, the fantastic Falstaff performed in Salzburg (1937) -  Upcoming the 1st act recorded in 1936.

(The limit for free users is 200 mb, so I need to split the archive in 2 parts)

Let me know if all works fine!

MF - Flac