5 February 2012

RT029 - Verdi Falstaff act I + Beethoven 4 (NYPO)

Dear friends, a big embrace and thanks from the bottom of my heart for ALL your "welcome back" comments ;-))

I've tried with narod but the upload is extremely slow (for me); and sincerely I don't like torrents for this kind of material: life too short (and I can't remain enough in seed). RS can be another solution, but I totally dislike their new methods - Rapids? Rubbishes is the correct name - and if you've not a pro account the deletion of files is too fast.

I still don't know if Mediafire will be a good "definitive" solution, but considering your feedbacks at the moment is certainly one of the best possible choices (also considering the option of parallel downloads).

So, let's stop with this bla bla bla... as promised, RT 029.

Symphony No4 in B-flat major, op.60

New York Philharmonic
NY, Carnegie Hall - February 2, 1936

Falstaff - Act I

Falstaff: Mariano Stabile
Mrs. Ford: Franca Somigli
Mrs. Meg Page: Mita Vasari
Mrs. Quickly: Angelica Cravcenco
Ford: Piero Biasini
Nannetta: Augusta Oltrabella
Fenton: Dino Borgioli
Dr. Cajus: Alfredo Tedeschi
Bardolfo: Giuseppi Nessi
Pistola: Virgilio Lazzari

Wiener Philharmoniker

LIVE - Festspielhaus, Salzburg - August 20, 1936
(NBC shortwave broadcast)

MF - Flac

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