2 February 2012

RT028 Verdi - Falstaff - Toscanini Salzburg 1937

Dear friends, I'm here again.
Thanks a lot for all your kind & encouraging messages!!

I've just subscribed a Mediafire free account in order to try this service.
The upload is a bit slow comparing to MU, so (also considering the "precarious" situation of file hosting sites) at the moment I prefer to focus upon new posts deferring re-uploads to a later time.

As "experiment" here you can find the links for Rare Toscanini 028, the fantastic Falstaff performed in Salzburg (1937) -  Upcoming the 1st act recorded in 1936.

(The limit for free users is 200 mb, so I need to split the archive in 2 parts)

Let me know if all works fine!

MF - Flac


Guido said...



Calvin said...

Nice to see you back, dude.
My old blog deleted by blogger. Now i made new blog, hope you will update new address ( http://only-classical.com )


guillaume said...

Thank you for being back and long life to tour blog.

Guido said...


Dear Calvin!
Nice 2 meet you again!!

Just added the link to your renewed blog.

They'll not defeat us :)

Guido said...


Thanks. Thanks. Thanks. Very kind of you.

And long life to classical blogs in all the world!

Anonymous said...

Guido: Un abrazo. Gracias por tu blog, por tu trabajo.

Anonymous said...

Welcome back Guido fabulous post

Peter Gutmann said...

Welcome back!! (And thanks for the new Toscanini.) Although Mediafire may be less convenient for uploading, it's very user-friendly for us humble downloaders. So as far as I'm concerned, your experiment is a great success and I look forward to further treasures.

Byrd said...

Guido, I'm so happy to see you posting again! Your posts are really exceptional. I don't always post a comment, but I hope you realize how much your hard work is appreciated. Mediafire is very easy for me to use - I had no problems at all downloading RT028.

maxtorello said...

grazie! penso che Mediafire sia stata la scelta migliore in questo momento ;)

Frei Aber Froh said...

Guido, ti ringrazio tanto. Bello ritorno! Abbracci, FAF

Anonymous said...

Me alegro de leerte de nuevo Guido, y muchas gracias
Un abrazo, Julio, Madrid

David said...

Benvenuto, bienvenue, welcome, wilkommen - you are very welcome back Guido & it is great to see you posting again. Only, I haven't yet managed to get through the backlog of downloads I made earlier - - but I'd rather have that difficulty than nothing new to hear :-)

Vivelo said...

Thanks for the wonderful post, you're the best!! Greetings from Brazil.

Anonymous said...

Gracias Guido por tu esfuerzo!
Es gratificante saber de ti!
Leo De Argentina

quantum said...

De vuelta otra vez. Una gran noticia. Gracias por tu blog.

zinjanthropus said...

I'm glad you're back, too!
And thank you for using Mediafire, which is very fast and reliable for us downloaders!

Roberto said...

Grazie, Guido, per questo interessantissimo documento.
Hope all is well.

aquila said...

the date should be August 9th.