21 December 2010

Wagner - Complete Ring - Joseph Keilberth (Bayreuth 1952)

Here a second (and not last) Ring.

I can't say anything about the quality of the alternative Archipel set; anyway this Golden Melodram transfer is pretty good.

12 CD - Flac + scans


19 December 2010

Brahms - Symphonies no. 1 & 3 - Philharmonia Orchestra, Guido Cantelli

May be you already have in your collection the only 2 brahmsian studio recordings by Cantelli in Testament & Emi CDs: good work indeed.

But in these LP transfers Cantelli's excellent Brahms sounds even more fresh to my ears.
Very little filtering & Wav files to offer the best quality.

18 December 2010

Schumann - Manfred - Sir Thomas Beecham (1954, 1956)

Rorbert SCHUMANN (1810-1856)
Manfred Op 115 (1852)
Sung in English

Song of the Spirits – Gertrude Holt, Claire Duchesneau and Niven Miller
Incantation – Niven Miller, Glyndwr Davies and Ian Billington

Manfred – Laidman Browne
Witch of the Alps and the Phantom Astarte – Jill Balcon
Nemesis and the Spirit Genius of Manfred – Raf de la Torre
A Spirit and Abbot of St Maurice – Laidman Browne
A Young Chamois Hunter and Servant to Manfred – David Enders

BBC Chorus
Royal Philharmonic Orchestra
Sir Thomas Beecham
Recorded 1954-56

Mono recording - Flac files
TT. 78:30

16 December 2010

Beethoven - Symphony no. 3 NYPO Mengelberg (1930)

Special post for Herr Beethoven :-)
December 16 or 17?
We don't know exactly, but 10000000000000000 billions these days.

Not just a CD rip, but directly from a 78's set.
In good conditions, as you'll hear.

Wav - separated tracks + hi-res cover

DSCH 1 - Kondrashin (1951) and Markevitch (1963)

In the next future I'll upload the same score in 2 or more different readings, choosing performances of great interest (rare or unpublished, of course).

Here Shostakovich no. 1 with Kondrashin (an old Melodiya mono, not the famous recording included in the complete cycle) and Markevitch.

flac + cover with infos
links in the comment section - no pw

9 December 2010

Rare Toscanini 001: Live recordings with the NYPO

In the last 20 years I've collected many Toscanini recordings.
More or less 250 original CDs, 100 LPs, tapes, 78's, radio recordings, downloads, of course books, articles, photos etc... every possible material.

All considering I'm not really an "Arturo fanatic", but his legacy is really impressive... he was simply the 1st modern conductor, don't you agree?

So, I'm starting this project... It will continue or not, depending on your response ;-)
Here Volume 1 of possibly 100 (?!?).
Including never published, V-Disc, 78 & LP only, many rehearsal sequences or so-rare-you-can't-imagine...

May be you can help me - I Hope - in "filling holes".Send me comments & suggestions!!

WAV + cover


8 December 2010

Fritz Reiner conducts Shostakovich 6 & Strauss Ein Heldenleben (in Pittsburgh)

Odd label, this "Magic talent"... sometimes vulgar and sometimes fantastic.
This "cheap" CD (5$), for instance, is a little big treasure.

Very rare material and good sound.

Links in the comment section..
With scans - No password

2 December 2010

Wagner - Complete Ring - Clemens Krauss (Bayreuth, 1953)

REUPLOAD - works fine

WAGNER: Der Ring des Nibelungen (complete cycle)

Hans Hotter, Astrid Varnay, Ramón Vinay, Josef Greindl, Regina Resnik,Wolfgang Windgassen, Gustav Neidlinger, Ira Malaniuk, Ludwig Weber, Paul Kuen, Gerhard Stolze, Hermann Uhde, Maria von Ilosvay, Hetty Plümacher, Erich Witte, Rita Streich, et al.

Bayreuth Festival Orchestra & Chorus
Clemens Krauss, conductor
Opera D'oro (14cds)

Most Ring enthusiast will agree that this performance is one of the finest ever, and many rate it the best of all. Wagner recorded in Bayreuth always have a special appeal due to the unique acoustics, which Wagner took into account when composing. His music dramas just seem to sound better there than anywhere else.

This recording caused a commotion when it came out in 1953 due to its palpable excitement in comparison to the relative sedateness of previous recorded performances. Clemens Krauss was an awesome Wagner conductor (and a personal friend of Richard Strauss), but what really sets this recording apart is the cast. Overall, it is arguably the greatest cast assembled for The Ring at Bayreuth in the last 60 years. Although the great bass-baritone Hans Hotter sang Wotan in the Solti Ring years later, here his voice is in far better condition. Wolfgang Windgassen as Siegfried is also much more youthful. Astrid Varnay was one of the outstanding Brünnhildes of all time. Even small parts are taken by major singers of the era, such as the famed coloratura Rita Streich as the Forest Bird.

A magnificent set, beautifully packaged, including a 24-page booklet with historic photos, a detailed essay by Bob Levine, plot synopsis, track listings, and enriched throughout by beautiful full color illustrations by acclaimed opera artist John Martinez! Absolutely essential to the serious opera lover, especially the Wagnerian!

"... magnificent live production...on balance, the most impressively cast Ring you can get...the mono sound is excellent..." - Rough Guide to Opera

From All Music Guide: The Krauss Ring deserves to be heard by anyone who loves Wagner, but, heretofore the question has always been: which of the three inferior pressings to choose: the inevitably defective GALA pressing, the badly remastered FOYER pressing, or the imperfectly packaged ARCHIPEL pressing? The answer is: none of the above. Instead, choose this one from OPERA D'ORO. Everything about it is first-rate. The packaging is attractive. The essay is informative. The cast lists are complete. The picture discs in plastic sleeves are lovely. And the remastering is, far and away, the best the Krauss Ring has ever had: old, yes, and live, certainly, but transparent and filled with color and light. For those who love Wagner owes it to themselves to hear this set." - All Music Guide

14 CDs - Flac + cue + scans - Megaupload

Well, for some strange reasons this "project" was very difficult.
The 3rd upload from another PC rrrruns.
Finally I can share this FAB Ring  :-)

NEW archive with scans & linklist (21 parts):


(you can find MU & FS links in comment section too)

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