8 April 2020

Berg - Violin Concerto - Schneiderhan (live 1978 & 1983)

Violin Concerto

Wolfgang Schneiderhan, violin

NDR Sinfonieorchester
Klaus Tennstedt
(live - september 1978)

RSO Berlin
Manfred Manhart
(live - 14 march 1983)


3 April 2020

Mahler 4 BSO Walter 1947 (& Lieder)

Since - rightly - there is curiosity for this little known Boston recording, here it is!

In addition, eight early songs played by Walter (details in the folder).
Enjoy and - if you want - let me know your thoughts about this comparison...

Symphony no. 4

Desi Halban, sp
Boston Symphony Orchestra

Live - 25 march 1947

Eight "Lieder und Gesänge aus der Jugendzeit"
Desi Halban, sp
Bruno Walter, pf

Los Angeles, 16 december 1947

FLAC (complete scans included)

27 March 2020

Mahler 4 - NYPO, Walter - Live 1944

Symphony no. 4

Desi Halban, soprano
New York Philharmonic

New York, Carnegie Hall
Live - 6 February 1944

If I'm not wrong, never published in any form:
maybe for the little gap at the beginning
and the quality of recording, certainly not superb
(but I don't know if a better source survives).

Despite the listening conditions,
I certainly prefer this live (and the BSO 1947 live too, on Lys),
insted of the famous may 10, 1945 studio recording - all with Desi Halban.
More freedom, a much more interesting and varied phrasing
and simply more inspiration, here.

Try and let me know your opinions.

FLAC - Separated tracks

21 March 2020

Tchaikovsky, Weber, Glazunov - BP Borchard

The story of this unlucky musician and that of his cruel fate
- even after death, since he's now almost forgotten -
is narrated in the booklet (included).

Borchard was killed while being driven home after a concert on 23 August 1945:
his British driver misinterpreted an American sentry's hand signal to stop
and the sentry shot him dead.

Few surviving testimonials of his art, unfortunately.
In addition to this, there is an important CD released by Testament (2016).

On 5 & 6 September 1995 Abbado and the Berliner Philharmoniker
marked the anniversary of Borchard's death with performances of Mahler's 6th Symphony.

Nutcracker Suite, Romeo and Juliet

Oberon, overture

Stenka Razin

FLAC (with tracklist & Scans)

11 March 2020

Stokowski's BSO Debut 1964

Stokowski's debut with the Boston Symphony Orchestra, aged 82.

The following summer - august, 21 - Stoky also made his debut in Tanglewood
with a similar program
(with Strauss's “Death and Transfiguration" replacing Gabrieli and Vivaldi)

Giovanni Gabrieli/Stokowski: Sacrae Symphoniae, Canzon quarti toni a 15 (C.185)

Vivaldi: Concerto Grosso Op. 3 no. 11 in D minor

Mozart: Sinfonia Concertante in E flat major KV 297b

Ralph Gomberg, oboe
Gino Cioffi, clarinet
Sherman Walt, bassoon
James Stagliano, horn

Hovhaness: Prelude and Quadruple Fugue, Op. 128

Rorem: Eagles

Stravinsky: Petrouchka, Suite

Boston Symphony Orchestra

Live - March 6, 1964
Boston, Symphony Hall

FLAC (separated tracks)

2 March 2020

Mahler - Symphony no. 2 - WS - Krips Live 1960

Symphony no. 2

Teresa Stich-Randall, sp
Ursula Boese, ms

Chor der Gesellschaft der Musikfreunde
(Reinhold Schmid, Choreinstudierung)

Wiener Symphoniker

Wien, Musikvereinssaal – 10 june 1960
(Wiener Festwochen)

FLAC - Separated files

26 February 2020

Charles Munch & NYPO - live 1948

Joyeuse Marche

Piano Concerto N. 2 in G minor, Op. 16
Zadel Skolovsky, piano

Symphonie Fantastique

New York Philharmonic

Carnegie Hall, New York
Live - 1 February 1948

In the second half of the 1940s, Charles Munch
conducted the NYPO about thirty times.
This concert, which ends with one of his great specialties,
Berlioz's Fantastique, also includes the orchestra's first performance
of Prokofiev's Piano Concerto no. 2.

FLAC - Separated files

22 February 2020

Schumann - Der Rose Pilgerfahrt - Boulez

Der Rose Pilgerfahrt

Jill Gomes, sp (The Rose)
Alfreda Hodgson, mezzo  (The Elfs Queen/Martha/The Miller's wife)
Ian Partridge, tn (The Narrator/Max)
Gyne Howell, bs (The Gravedigger)

BBC Symphony Orchestra & Chorus

London. St John Smith's Square,  9 April 1975

FLAC, very good sound

18 February 2020

Schumann 3&4 - Bruno Walter


Symphony No. 3 in E-Flat major, Opus 97 (“Rhenish”)
New York Philharmonic
February 4, 1941; Liederkranz Hall

Symphony No. 4 in D minor, op. 120
London Symphony Orchestra
April 26, 1938; Abbey Road Studio No. 1, London

FLAC with scans

12 February 2020

Stravinsky Le Sacre du Printemps - Markevitch - 4 live recordings (reup)

Another "definitive" reupload requested many times.

Igor Markevicht left us 2 studio & many live recordings
of this "cheval de bataille".
Here you can find four versions of The Rite,
recorded between 1952 and 1962.

Le Sacre du Printemps

RIAS Symphony Orchestra
Berlin - 1952

Wiener Philharmoniker
Wien, Musikverein - April 6, 1952

Czech Philharmonic Orchestra
Prague, Smetana Hall - May 30, 1959
(Prague Spring International Music Festival)

Warsaw Philharmonic Orchestra
Warsaw - January 26, 1962

FLAC (separated files)

7 February 2020

Tchaikovsky 5 Furtwängler (reupload)

Reuploaded on request

(and Markevitch Le Sacre upcoming)


Symphony No.5 in E minor, op.64

Orchestra Sinfonica di Torino della Rai
Wilhelm Furtwängler

June 6, 1952
Live, Torino

Serenade for Strings, op.48

Waltz (2nd movement)
Finale (4th movement)

Wiener Philharmoniker
Wilhelm Furtwängler

February 2, 1950
Wien, Brahmssaal, Wien (studio) 

FLAC with details

5 February 2020

Tchaikovsky 4 BSO Koussevitzky 1949

Symphony no. 4

plus rehearsals (24 min)

Boston Symphony Orchestra

March 11, 1949

A passionate and fluent reading in Koussevitzky style,
preceded by a delighful rehearsal (7 March).

I have several CDs of this OOP "Koussevitzky edition" ...
So, if you are interested, I can go on.

FLAC - Scans included

28 January 2020

Prokofiev, Schnittke, Brahms - Kondrashin live 1969

Liutenant Kijé, suite

Violin Concerto n. 2 (1966)

Symphony no. 3

Mark Lubotskij, violin
Danish National Symphony Orchestra

Live - February 1, 1969


20 January 2020

Weber, Schumann and Brahms Fourth Eugen Jochum, live 1978

Euryanthe, Overture

Cello Concerto

Symphony No. 4

Lorne Munroe, cello

New York Philharmonic
Eugen Jochum, conductor

New York, Avery Fisher Hall
Live - April 8, 1978

FLAC (announcements included)

A wonderful "all Romantic" concerto conducted by Eugen Jochum in New York.

Schumann's Concerto is performed by Lorne Munroe, principal cellist for the Philadelphia Orchestra between 1951 and 1964 and principal cellist for the New York Philharmonic from 1964 through 1996: he was a featured soloist more than 150 times during the thirty-two seasons he played for the NYPO.

The solemn phrasing, the sense of continuous flow and the warm, deep calm interrupted by majestic ignitions in Brahms
it's something very special: not achieved at this level (IMHO) in the studio recordings that Jochum left us (DG & EMI),
despite his fleeting relationship with the NYPO: regrettably, he was a guest of the orchestra
only in march/april 1978, conducting three programs.

17 January 2020

Mahler 2 - Stokowski, Philadelphia 1967

Not an "extreme" rarity,
but not so widespread either.

Available for a short time only in Japan (LSCD, 1990),
then on CD Arkadia (1991); both OOP, obviously.

Perhaps you have already heard the much more famous - and amazing - recordings
available on BBC Legends (live 1963) and RCA (studio 1974):
"Stoky's touch", of course, is perfectly recognizable even in this case.
Here you will especially appreciate the urgency of the Finale,
"condensed" in less than 30 minutes;
and to all this is added the charm of listening
the sound of his beloved Philadelphians.

Symphony No. 2

Maria Lucia Godoy, soprano
Veronica Tyler, mezzo

Singing City Choir
Philadelphia Orchestra

Live, Philadelphia - 9 november 1967
(78 min)


5 January 2020

Rare Toscanini 35 - Dvorak, Strauss, Wagner rehearsals (1945-46)

As you well know, the series dedicated to Toscanini
has already reached a certain number of "releases":
many additions can still be made,
but you will have to be veeery patient. :)

Meanwhile we open the year with this vol. 35. Wow, not so few.

If you love "Toscanini's wrath"
listen to Strauss rehearsals and all the outbursts you knew before
will seem to be caresses and compliments.

But to come to more serious things,
the extracts are fortunately long enough
to allow a proper "immersion" in the atmosphere of those sessions.

You can already imagine it,
but the real pearl is the Wagnerian extract.
More than half an hour, that is enough to make us understand
how the annoyance for the "mythization" of Toscanini
can be counterbalanced by the joy of appreciating
the profound values of an art that can (and must) be questioned in various ways,
but that remains an art without compromises.


Scherzo Capriccioso
NBC Symphony Orchestra
NY, Studio 8H - January 1945
(Concert January 28, 1945)

Tod und Verklärung
NBC Symphony Orchestra
NY, Studio 8H - November 1946
(Concert November 17, 1946)

overture and Bacchanale, Rehearsal

Orchestra del Teatro alla Scala
Kunsthaus, Lucerne - July 1946
(Concert July 7, 1946)


tt 75 min ca.


18 December 2019

Stokowski - Seasons Greetings

This record, a 45 rpm extended play published in the early 50s,
contains 4 Christmas classics
performed by the Leopold Stokowski Symphony Orchestra:

"Pifa" from Handel's Messiah
(27 march 1947)

"In the Manger",
Traditional Russian Christmas music
(27 march 1947)

The snow is dancing
from "Children's Corner
(2 & 30 march, 1949)

Mozart "The sleigh ride"
German Dances K. 509, no. 3
(2 march 1949)

A very short program (approx 13 min),
so I've added more Xmas music from Stoky's catalogue.

Vaughan Williams Fantasia on Christmas Carols (NBC SO, 19 december 1943)
Bach - Sinfonia from Christmas Oratorio (Philadelphia, 30 april, 1 may 1929)
Again Pifa from Messiah (Philadelphia, 15 march 1930)

and the 2 Nutcracker suite recorded in Philadelphia, 1926 & 1934

"Nutcracker" Suite op.71a
- Philadelphia Orchestra 03,10,18/11/26
- Philadelphia Orchestra 26/11/34

Miniature Overture (Ouverture miniature)
March (Marche)
Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy (Danse de la fée Dragée)
Trepak - Russian Dance (Danse russe).
Arabian Dance (Danse arabe)
Chinese Dance (Danse chinoise)
Dance of the Flutes (Danse des Mirlitons)
Waltz of the Flowers (Valse des fleurs)

tt: 1.17.31

FLAC (the same details written above are included in the folder)

14 December 2019

Mahler 5 - Maderna (Philadelphia, 1971)

Not everyone shows appreciation for Maderna's work as a Mahlerian conductor:
and certainly here, who expect that everything written by the composer
must be 100% respected, will find many questionable solutions.

But in some passages I don't find comparisons with anyone else
(apart from Scherchen, perhaps)
and they really leave you breathless.

(one for all - II mov, 6:48 - 7:15)

Judge yourself, of course,
but it's certain that this completely anti-routine reading
can't leave you indifferent.
As always, your comments and opinions are welcome.

Symphony no. 5

Philadelphia Orchestra

Live in Philadelphia - november 4, 1971

FLAC - separated tracks

11 December 2019

Fritz Reiner conducts Bartók and Kodály - Live 1960

On request,
here's another "definitive reupload" on Mediafire.

Fritz Reiner conducts Bartók and Kodály:
three masterworks non included in the "official" discography
of the great hungarian conductor.
No Chicago, no Pittsburgh, no NBC...  but the New York Philharmonic.

And excellent performances:
in particular The Miracolous Mandarin is lavish,
hot, brutal, almost "pornophonic".

Peacock Variations
march 12, 1960

The Miracolous Mandarin, suite
march 12, 1960

Piano Concerto n. 1
(Rudolf Serkin, piano)
march 19, 1960

New York Philharmonic Orchestra

FLAC (scans included)

8 December 2019

Beethoven Missa Solemnis NYPO Walter live 1948

All right, another Missa Solemnis.
Then I'll stop for a while, I swear...

("for a while", on the other hand, is a very vague concept...)

But it's not my fault if Toscanini, Szell and even Walter have made
such beautiful and important readings of this monumental score.

Maybe the soloists are not up to some previously uploaded recordings,
but NYPO and Walter are absolutely at their best.

Also, Beethoven's year is coming.

Missa Solemnis, op. 123

Westminster Choir
New York Philharmonic
Live - April 18, 1948

FLAC (separated tracks)
complete scans included