9 September 2020

Shostakovich BSO Koussevitzky - live



Symphony no. 9 (First american performance)

August 10, 1946

Symphony no. 5

March 16, 1948

Boston Symphony Orchestra


FLAC (scans included)

21 August 2020

Tchaikovsky, Prokofiev - NBC, Stokowski



The Tempest, op. 18


Alexander Nevsky, Op. 78

Jennie Tourel, contralto

Westminster Choir

NBC Symphony Orchestra


NY, 7 march 1943

First performance in America

(sung in english)

FLAC (separated tracks)

15 August 2020

Bartok PC2 & Britten PC - Richter

It is difficult to imagine a discography as rich and important 
and at the same time as disordered as that of Sviatoslav Richter, 
scattered on dozens of labels, 
moreover with frequent mistakes in the dates :/
As in this case.
Misdated on the cover, Bartók PC2 is the same (may 6, 1967)
published on Brilliant, Russian Revelation and Yedang.

The true rarity is Britten, live in Aldeburgh (june 18, 1967)
with the composer on the podium:
this should be the only CD release.

FLAC (with scans)


1 August 2020

Strauss BSO Koussevitzky


Don Juan
Till Eulenspiegel
Also Sprach Zarathustra

Boston Symphony Orchestra

Live 1946/1947

FLAC (3 separated tracks)

Scan & details included

Mozart Piano Concertos 21&27 Gulda, Swarowsky


Piano Concerto No 21 in C-dur, KV 467
Piano Concerto No 27 in B-dur, KV 595

Orchester Der Wiener Staatsoper

Recording 1963, from LP Concert Hall M-2319

Reupload on request.

FLAC (separated tracks)

24 July 2020

Fritz Reiner conducts Richard Strauss - BSO 1945


Salomes Tanz
Symphonia Domestica

Boston Symphony Orchestra

Live, Boston - 22 december 1945


On request, a new upload of Musorgskij/Ravel Pictures
by Dorati (RCO) & Reiner (live NYPO)
is available here:


(If you have reup requests, please write them in a comment on the most recent post!)

17 July 2020

Berlioz Fantastique BSO Koussevitzky

Symphonie Fantastique

Boston Symphony Orchestra

Live 16 october 1943

FLAC (scans included)

10 July 2020

Scherchen conducts Berg, Skalkottas, Schönberg

(Paul Jacobs, pf - Wolfgang Marschner, vl)

Piano Concerto n. 2
(Georg Hadjinikos, pf)

Piano Concerto
(Eduard Steuermann, pf)


(live 1953-1959)

FLAC (Scans & details included)

6 July 2020

Bloch, Schoenberg, Shostakovich 5 Piatigorsky NYPO Rodzinski

Schelomo, Hebraic rhapsody for cello & orchestra
(26 November 1944)

Ode to Napoleon Buonaparte, Op 41
Mack Harrell, voice;
Edward Steuermann, piano;
New York Philharmonic;
Artur Rodzinsky, conductor
(First recording - 26 November 1944) *

Symphony No 5 in D Minor, Op 47
(24 February 1946)

New York Philharmonic
Artur Rodzinsky, conductor

* The first performance, with the same interpreters, dates back to 23 november.

FLAC (cover & tracklist included)

3 July 2020

Rachmaninoff BSO Koussevitzky


Symphony no. 3
Vocalise (orchestral version)
The Isle of the Dead, op. 29

Boston Symphony Orchestra

Live 1945-47

FLAC (Scans & details included)

28 June 2020

Mozart, Beethoven - David Oistrakh

Violin Concerto K. 219
Orchestra “A. Scarlatti”di Napoli
Gabor Ötvös, conductor
Live 22 april 1963

Violin Concerto op. 61
Orchestra “A. Scarlatti”di Napoli
Herbert Albert, conductor
Live 15 april 1965


Mahler 1 - LSO, Kubelik - live 1975

Symphony no. 1

London Symphony Orchestra

Live - 16 october 1975

Although we have many Mahlerian studio and live recordings made by Kubelik
(those published by Audite were a wonderful surprise),
the LSO is definitely not an orchestra
strictly associated with the name of the Czech master.
So, many reasons to be curious.

Apart from a little tape hiss, the quality of the source is quite good.

FLAC (separated tracks)

15 June 2020

Orff - Carmina Burana - Stokowski 1954

Leopold Stokowski's words:

"I believe that Orff's genius – combining as it does so magnificently all the resources of traditional occidental music with vigourous new conceptions of lyricism, romantic intensity, gigantic architectonics, rhythmic audacity, an extraordinarily personal blending of pagan and modern feeling, and the mature simplicity achieved only by a master – will be recognised by future generations as a major departure in the development of the art of music."

Third performance in USA.
The creation of this work was in Frankfurt in 1937, but the published score was not available in the United States until 1953. The USA premiere took place in a San Francisco concert (University of San Francisco's Schola Cantorum under Giovanni Camajani). Then, Thor Johnson conducted the second  at the Cincinnati May Festival (5 May 1954).

Stokoswki's "extremist" dynamics are also evident in the Houston recording (Capitol, EMI and so on); perhaps here we have a problem (yes: in Boston, not in Houston) with the microphones or with the distances.

However, since the sharp, powerful break after "O Fortuna", it is clear that Stoky has a lot to say about this score.
Also in this case I don't know publications on CD or other format.

Carmina Burana

Student soloists:

Ruth Ann Tobin sp
Gwendolyn Belle ms
Elmer Dickey tn
John Colleary br
Kenneth Shelton br

Newton Boys' Choir
Boston University Chorus,
Boston University Symphony

Boston, Symphony Hall
Live - 19 november 1954


All Mozart Concert - BSO Jochum 1974


Masonic Funeral Music, K. 477

Piano Concerto No. 20 in D minor, K.466
Veronica Jochum, pf

Symphony No. 41 in C Major, K. 551, "Jupiter"

Boston Symphony Orchestra

Live July 13, 1974
Tanglewood - Shed
Lenox, MA, U.S.A.

FLAC (broadcast with announcements)

20 May 2020

Cantelli Centenary 12 - Rarities

Well, here's the "special one".

Rienzi's rehearsals has been published,
but I don't know if the CD is still available;
anyway this alternative source is very good.

Beethoven's First Symphony was released
only on old LPs now unobtainable (MDP and ATS),
but never on commercial CDs, if I'm not wrong.
I had the LP MDP 037 many years ago on loan
from a collector to make a digital copy of it.

The conversation was captured in Milan (1954).
I've included in the folder an English translation.

Mitropoulos, Cantelli's close friend,
performed Strauss's tone poem in his memory,
a few days after the plane crash.

Among the many testimonials of their friendship,
one is very nice (reported by Cantelli himself).

After a performance of Berg's Wozzeck at La Scala,
Mitropoulos was invited
to Cantelli's little apartment in Milan to have dinner.
Then Dimitri went to the piano, playing,
explaining and singing loudly Wozzeck until late at night.
At one point the protests of the neighbors arose
and forced them to quit
(may the gods forgive them).

FLAC - Details, translation and some photos included.

16 May 2020

Cantelli Centenary 11 - Debussy, Ravel, Respighi

Here a very personal and accurate selection:
so, the term "highlights" does not mean "useless jumble"
as in some... well, MOST terrible CDs and LPs.

Three of my favorite Cantelli live recordings
(collected from the most varied sources over the years)
not only for their artistic value,
but also in terms of sound quality.

Indeed, these are particularly "vivid" and "present" performances:
of course as far as possible with sources from the early/mid 50s.

Therefore I strongly recommend this download,
even more than the previous ones...

FLAC (3 separated tracks)

About the AS, unfortunately some Cantelli CDs are completely bronzed & "gone":
Liszt Piano Concertos, a Respighi-Pizzetti-Ghedini selection, Mozart's Requiem...
The latter, in any case, had a terrible sound;
moreover, is still available a restoration
that "does everything possible" with a very bad source.

I've the same problem with some rare Bruno Walter CDs,
which I would have gladly uploaded otherwise.

Anyway, the next "chapter" will be the final one.
But if you liked this "Centenary series",
I could go on in the next months with some additions.
So, let me know...

11 May 2020

Cantelli Centenary 10 - Dvorak, Dukas, Roussel

Among all the soloists who worked with Cantelli,
Rudolf Firkusny was the most assiduous.
After their first meeting in Brussels (Grieg's Piano Concerto, 1949),
they gave several concerts in USA
(Menotti, Beethoven 3, Brahms 1, Grieg again and of course Dvořák) until 1956.

FLAC & Scans

6 May 2020

Cantelli Centenary 8 - Beethoven, Brahms

Cantelli performed with Backhaus
also the "Emperor" Concerto at La Scala (june 1955).
Not recorded, of course.

Anyway, one of the most famous collaborations with great soloists: 
a list including Rubinstein, Heifetz, Serkin, Casadesus...

Many unfortunately not documented at all: 
Michelangeli, Fournier, Janis, Milstein, Stern and others.

The Tragic Overture is compelling and well profiled,
perhaps too much in Toscanini's footsteps,
but the Alto Rhapsody is really a gem:
a very concentrated and mature reading.

FLAC (scans included)

3 May 2020

Cantelli Centenary 7 - Monteverdi, Verdi, Britten

Cantelli's interest in the "Sinfonia da Requiem" is remarkable,
especially since in Italy Britten was a composer still almost unknown. 
GC conducted this work for the first time at La Scala in 1952,
then several times in the United States.

Listening to Monteverdi's music - although "modified" -
in the concert hall was also rare at the time.
One of the many proofs of independence from Toscanini's tastes and repertoire,
whose only trace here is Verdi's "Te Deum".

As usual, FLAC with scans included