16 March 2019

Bruckner - Symphony in D minor "Die Nullte" - Van Beinum

Symphony in D minor "Die Nullte"
1869 Ed. Woess. published by Universal Edition [1924]

Musique pour l`esprit en deuil

Congertebouw Orchestra Amsterdam

March 13, 1955 (Bruckner)
September 1, 1951 (Escher)

Apart from a Nixa LP (Henk Spruit, 1952)
should be the oldest surviving recording of this symphony.

"Musique pour l'esprit en deuil" (1941-1943)
was first performed in 1947 by the COA under van Beinum.
A work well knonw in the Netherlands
and reproposed with the same orchestra by Bernard Haitink and Riccardo Chailly.

Flac & Cue
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9 March 2019

RT 032 Rossini, Mozart, Brahms BBC SO Toscanini 1938

La Scala di Seta, Overture

Symphony No.41 in C, K. 551

Liebeslieder-Waltzer Op. 52 (*)

(Ethel Bartlett and Rae Robertson, pf)

BBC Singers (Chorusmaster Leslie Woodgate) (*)

BBC Symphony Orchestra

Live - Queen's Hall, London
June 3, 1938

(In the second part was performed Schubert's "Great", but someone thought it well not to record it.)

WARNING: some little gaps in Mozart & Brahms

These are the last toscanini recordings with the BBC Symphony in my possession,
with a final surprise: the "Jupiter" Symphony.

A pinnacle of Toscanini's Mozart
together with the "Haffner" Symphony (NYPO & BBC)
and the complete Magic Flute (WP 1937):
one of the best "Jupiter" ever recorded.

Unfortunately the flaws make the listening a bit frustrating, but as in the case of Don Quixote with Feuermann is better so that give up altogether. BTW I recently learned that a better source is preserved: I hope that sooner or later it will be published.

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6 March 2019

Shostakovich 5&9 - Celibidache 1955 and 1967

DSCH 5&9

Orchestra Sinfonica di Torino della Rai (no. 5)
21 feb 1955

Orchestra Sinfonica di Milano della Rai (no. 9)
17 feb 1967


You may already have them, but these are the best sources I've found so far.

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4 March 2019

Brahms 1&2 NYPO Rodzinski 1945-46

Symphonies 1 & 2

New York Philharmonic


Studio recordings
Carnegie Hall
jan 8, 1945 (n.1)
oct 14, 1946 (n.2)


Since I decided to reopen this blog,
I'm receiving some welcome gifts from friends collectors
to share them here (Thanks a lot, R.)
I don't know how common these are,
but I didn't have them until a few days ago.

The recent big NYPO boxset (which I bought despite so many duplicates)
would have been an opportunity to reprint them,
but has not been taken... so, are not currently available on CD.

Flac as always
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28 February 2019

Maderna conducts Bartók

Béla Bartók

The Miracolous Mandarin, suite
Dance Suite
Sonata for Two Pianos and Percussion

Orchestre Philharmonique de Monte-Carlo

Almost unheard & Ultra-OOP.

Flac & Scans with details
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A double post
to make up for the next 4/5 days, maybe too full of commitments...

Furtwängler Symphonic Concerto - Kubelik live 1963

Symphonic Concerto for Piano and Orchestra in B minor

Erik Then-Berg, pf
Symphonieorchester des Bayerischen Rundfunks
27 june 1963

tt 63:47

Written between 1924 and 1937, the work received its world premiere in Munich on October 1937,
with Edwin Fischer as the piano soloist; Furtwängler conducted the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra.

"The piano concerto is cast in three movements: The first (Schwer, pesante in B minor) is an extensive sonata form movement of more than 30 minutes duration.
A second movement there follows an Adagio solenne in D major.
It is influenced by Bruckner's and Brahms' adagio style and lasts about 11 minutes.
The third movement (Allegro moderato in B minor)
is composed in free-form and has some hints of a rondo.
The work concludes in dark and gloomy mood with pianissimo dynamics." (Wiki)

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- Schönberg - Verklärte Nacht & Kammersymphonie n. 1 - Horenstein reuploaded
- Stokowski - Saygun Yunus Emre reuploaded

24 February 2019

Mahler Symphony no. 1 - Josef Krips (Buffalo, live 1957)

Symphony no. 1

La forza del destino, overture

Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra

Live - Buffalo, Kleinhans Hall
November 11, 1957.

In my opinion a terribly underrated conductor:
apart from the famous Mozart-Philips cycle, still a model of brilliance and good taste,
I discovered gradually his skill in the most different repertoires.
Almost nothing of what I heard from him is superfluous, many things are beautiful.

Now, about this Mahler 1 (never on CD, if I'm not wrong).
Fast and "airy" tempos, a delicious "valzerish" Trio in the Scherzo...
and a comic horn fail (obviously unwanted by the author) at the very end of the Trio,
before the reprise of "Tempo primo" (mis. 281-284).
Of course the Finale lacks in "grandeur" compared to Bernstein, Horenstein, Tennstedt, Haitink, Giulini, Kubelik and others, but the lyrical passages are rendered very well.

Hope you too will enjoy this fresh and antirethoric reading of M1.

The sound is just a bit congested in fortissimo, but overall really good considering the period.

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22 February 2019

RT 031 Beethoven 5 (1939) BBCSO Toscanini

Concerto Grosso in g minor, op. 3 n. 2 (*)

Symphony no. 5 in c minor, op. 67 (**)

BBC Symphony Orchestra

Live - London, Queen's Hall
June 12, 1935 (*) - May 12, 1939 (**)


Symphony no. 5 in c minor, op. 67

Grosses Odeon Streich Orchester Berlin
Friedrich Kark (?)
Odeon Records, 1910 or 1911

All in all it was not my intention to resume immediately the "Rare Toscanini",
but also considering the kind request by Louis
I've planned three additional volumes to conclude our BBCSO & Salzburg Festival survey.

So here you can find the Fifth performed in London on may 12, 1939.
Certainly one of his most beautiful and compelling, if not the best I know.
The audience seems to agree, judging from the final ovation.

According to the most complete and accurate Toscanini discographies another recording of this work by the same artists survives (Queen's Hall - may 23, 1938); unfortunately not (yet) in my possession.

The "program" was a bit short, so I decided to add a curiosity in appendix.
Many believe that the first recording of the Fifth is the famous version by Nikisch (1913).

This one was realized in 1910 or 1911.
The "Grosses Odeon Streich Orchester Berlin" is actually a Symphony Orchestra.
The conductor is uncredited: in the opinion of some Friedrich Kark (1869-1939), according to others Eduard Künneke (1895-1953)...
but he was a bit too young at the time.

Volume 32 will be a surprise for many of you ... At least I hope so.

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Zippyshare looks not bad, but does any of you know how long the files are stored?

20 February 2019

Hermann Scherchen - The complete Ravel recordings

The Complete Ravel Recordings

Ma Mere l'oye
january 30, 1949

Concerto in D for Piano Left Hand and Orchestra
Robert Casadesus, piano
Koelner Rundfunk-Sinfonie-Orchester
march 11, 1957

Orchester Der Wiener Staatsoper
studio, 1957

La Valse
Südfunk-Sinfonieorchester Köln
october 25, 1962


As far as I know, never presented together on a single CD.
So, the only 4 known Ravel recordings by Scherchen
are finally grouped here.

You will notice the difference in the names of the Köln orchestras,
but the most famous, founded as Nordwestdeutscher Rundfunk Orchestra, became Kölner Rundfunk-Sinfonieorchester, then WDR Sinfonieorchester Köln. Morover, the WDR Rundfunkorchester Köln should not be confused with the WDR Sinfonieorchester Köln... Mein Gott!
In short, I left the names as I found them. ;-)

Thanks a lot for your "welcome back" messages.
It's nice to "see" (virtually) you here again!
Certainly we'll have the opportunity to exchange opinions and "personal greetings" in the near future.
I'm preparing several things and I'll try to recover even some deleted posts.

As you can see, I'm experimenting various file hosting services
looking for the most "friendly" and fast for the uploader and the downloader.

I embrace you all!

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16 February 2019

Mahler 2 - Cleveland, Bernstein (1970)

Symphony no. 2

Lorna HEYWOOD, sp
Christa LUDWIG, ms
Cleveland Chorus & Orchestra
Blossom Music Festival

How to resurrect a blog?
Well, making it rise again through a change of rules.

Unfortunately, the rules have been set by me.
Fortunately have been changed by me.

So, remaining firm the concept that I'll not upload recent material,
sometimes in the case of unpublished live concerts we'll get to the '80s.

It may happen that you already have some of these proposals in your collection:
I can't check the whole web to see if it is like this or not,
but I'll try to select the best sources even in case of historical documents already known and widespread.

In particular, this is not the only mahlerian surprise in my drawer.

About this 2nd...

Perhaps a discontinuous and less inspired reading compared to the famous versions "officially" recorded in audio...
and video (with the London Symphony in Ely Cathedral, the most majestic and overwhelming), but full of beautiful moments and worthy of careful listening.

Not to mention the sound of the Cleveland,
already an additional interest.

A summer performance during the Blossom Festival:
so a "casual" audience was present,
also judging by the applause that followed I and II mov.

BTW It's the only appearance of Lenny on the podium of this orchestra;
morover, just in the days of the illness of George Szell, already hospitalized;
he died a few days later (July 30th).

Warning: a bit of tape hiss (untouched) which one must get used to for a while
and a disgraceful little "jump" in the terrifying "collapse" at the very end of the first movement.

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- Bruckner Mass 3 Celi reuploaded
- Pictures Reiner/Dorati reuploaded
- Bruno Walter portrait reuploaded
- Tchaikovsky 5 Furtwängler reuploaded
- Stokowski conducts Harrison, Weber, Goeb reuploaded

28 January 2019

A new start

Probably you thought I was missing, at this point.
Well, no. I'll be here again with some news very soon.

 I'm reloading the weap... ehm, most old posts.
All Toscanini, Cantelli, Rodzinski, the various "Sacre" and others
(Beecham, Silvestri, Ibert etc) are now updated.

I hope that our community will reborn and many "neophytes" will be added.
So, let me know through comments if you feel like going over these parts once in a while...

If so, very soon this blog will restart with regular new posts.



- Strauss 4 Burleske reuploaded
- Tristan Act 2 Barbirolli NY reuploaded
- Beecham in Helsinki and Beecham All Mozart 1947 reuploaded
- Furtwängler rehearsals (Beethoven) reuploaded
- DSCH 5 Horenstein reuploaded
- Malko Tchaikovsky 4 reuploaded

4 April 2012

Verdi - Requiem NYPO Cantelli (reup)



Herva Nelli (soprano)
Clara Mae Turner (contralto)
Richard Tucker (tenor)
Jerome Hines (bass)

Westminster Choir
New York Philharmonic Orchestra

(Live - New York, Carnegie Hall - february 6, 1955)

Flac + scans

Updated link (see comments)

3 April 2012

Beethoven PC 3 & Brahms PC 1 - Firkusny NYPO Cantelli (reup)


Piano Concerto n. 3 in C minor, op. 37

Piano Concerto n. 1 in D minor, op. 15

Rudolf Firkusny, piano
New York Philharmonic

Live recordings - march 13, 1955 & april 1, 1956

Another OOP As Disc, with scans
Mega updated link (see comments)

2 April 2012

Schubert Unfinished & Great - Cantelli (reup)

Another reupload

Symphony n. 8 in B minor "Unfinished"
Symphony n. 9 in C major "The Great"

NBC Symphony Orchestra

Live - Carnegie Hall

Dec 27, 1953 (n. 9)
Jan 3, 1953 (n.8)

Flac + Scans
(see comments for the link)

1 April 2012

A complete NBC concert conducted by Cantelli (reup)

another reupload.

This is not a commercial CD: was sent on request to the subscribers of the "Concerto" series, a very interesting collection of historical live recordings realized by Hunt and Curcio... So it's very rare.
3 recordings published by other labels, but the source is clearly different.

Cantelli conducts Berlioz, Brahms and Roussel
December 15, 1951

Flac - complete scans
New link 2019 (see comments)

30 March 2012

Shostakovich - Symphony no. 10 - Silvestri (reup)

The date is not indicated, but certainly the recording can be placed in the middle 50s, when Silvestri was Principal Conductor of the Romanian National Radio Symphony Orchestra (1953–1958); then he left his country...

So, we're talking about one of the first recordings ever made of this DSCH masterwork (his best symphonic achievement, IMHO).

As "fill up" I've included a 1953 Supraphon recording of the Symphony no. 27 by F.J. Haydn with the Prague Symphony Orchestra (F.O.K.).

Symphony no. 10

Romanian National Radio Symphony Orchestra
Studio - Electrerecord - middle 50s

Symphony no. 27 in G major

Prague Symphony Orchestra
Studio - Supraphon, 1953

reup 2019 (see comments)

24 March 2012

"Le post du printemps" 3 (reup)

Again a Sacre, this time conducted by Eduard van Beinum in the immediate postwar period. And 2 other important recordings realized by the dutch maestro in the middle 50s, taken from a LP Epic (LC 3274).

Music for String, Percussion & Celesta (*)

Le Chant du Rossignol (**)
Le Sacre du Printemps (***)

Concertgebouw Orchestra Amsterdam

Studio, October 13-14, 1955 (*)
Studio, May 22-25, 1956  (**)
Studio, September 9-20, 1946 (***)

TT. 79.17


NOTE: New Links added.

22 March 2012

"Le post du printemps" 2 (reup)

Another "improved" reupload ad another couple of "Rites":

the 50th Anniversary Sacre + a live performance in Boston (1957).

As you know, Pierre Monteux conducted in Paris (may 29, 1913) the 1st world performance of Le Sacre du Printemps.

Here the original radio broadcast of the 50th anniversary performance in London, with the London Symphony Orchestra and again Pierre Monteux on the podium. The composer himself attended to the concert and received an enormous ovation by the audience at the end (15 min applause).

Curiously never "officially" published until now (e.g. on BBC Legends), may be for some imperfections: anyway the historical value of this recording is extraordinary... so, don't miss it.

Le Sacre du Printemps

London Symphony Orchestra
London - Royal Albert Hall - may 29, 1963

Le Sacre du Printemps

Boston Symphony Orchestra
Boston Symphony Hall - Live, april 13, 1957

Zippyshare - Flac (see comments)

21 March 2012

"Le post du printemps" - Markevitch (reup)

Igor Markevicht left us 2 studio & many live recordings of this "cheval de bataille". Here you can find 4 versions of The Rite recorded between 1952 and 1962.

And... merry spring to you all!


Le Sacre du Printemps

RIAS Symphony Orchestra
Berlin - 1952

Wiener Philharmoniker
Wien, Musikverein - April 6, 1952

Czech Philharmonic Orchestra
Prague, Smetana Hall - May 30, 1959
(Prague Spring International Music Festival)

Warsaw Philharmonic Orchestra
Warsaw - January 26, 1962

(reup - see comments)

11 March 2012

Wolf - Lieder - Schwarzkopf, Furtwängler (pf) - Live 1953

The famous Salzburg recital given by E. Schwartzkopf accompanied by WF: an old Virtuoso CD out of print


Elisabeth Schwarzkopf, soprano
Wilhelm Furtwangler, piano

Live Recording
Salzburg - August 18, 1953

With scans & details