27 February 2011

Rare Toscanini 018: Bach & R. Strauss - BBCSO (1938)

Bach & Strauss recordings kindly provided by Wagnerite:

A big surprise, and an unexpected extra-volume of the BBC - Toscanini survey.
Thank you again, dear Wagnerite, for the marvellous gift.

I've joined the separated files and - with a spectral cleaner - I've eliminated manually 200 (circa) clicks, pops & big "tocs" (I don't like the "automatic" declicking & decrackling). Then a very little filtering and a final conversion in flac.

British National Anthem "God Save the King"
BBC Symphony Orchestra
May 19, 1938 - London, Queen's Hall - Live

Johann Sebastian Bach
Brandenburg Concerto No.2 (fragment)

Richard Strauss
Don Quixote

Emanuel Feuermann
BBC Symphony Orchestra
Arturo Toscanini

May 23, 1938 - London, Queen's Hall - Live

Emanuel Feuermann plays his own transcriptions of
Chopin Nocturne Op.9/2 & Falla Jota (Theodore Saidenberg, piano)
and talks with Bob Burns
Kraft Music Hall, August 22, 1940.

bizarre interferences (????) in Brandenburg Concerto fragment
some little gaps in Don Quixote - and something strange happens from 8:47, but I left the source as it was.

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Guido said...




Anjav said...

Thank you very much !

аффтор said...

I think, you're quite right saying "I don't like the "automatic" declicking & decrackling". Of course, it takes much time and much efforts, but the result is far more satisfying.

Guido said...

Mote or less 2 hours of work, in this case... but a complete "control" of the situation. ;-)

wagnerite said...

Thank you Guido for your time and efforts.

Here is another BBC concert with all Wagner program:


God Save the King
Faust Overture
Lohengrin: Act I Prelude
Lohengrin: Act III Prelude
Tannhauser: Overture and Venusberg Music

Siegfried Idyll
Siegfried: Waldweben
Gotterdammerung: Dawn and Siegfried's Rhine Journey
Die Walkure: Walkurenritt

BBC Symphony Orchestra
Arturo Toscanini

London, Queen's Hall, 16 June 1937


Guido said...

Dear Wagnerite,
this is simple incredible :-o

Thanks a lot for your generosity!

In the next days I will devote to the "restoration" preparing the next volume.
Meanwhile, suspending Toscanini, I hope to find time to upload something interesting.

zauberharfe said...

Dear Guido and Wagnerite,

thanks a lot for these unselfish sharings!

woland said...

Thank you for these magnificent recordings. When I read that you were looking for a Toscanini-Feuermann Don Quixote I thought you were referring to the American recording, since i've *never* heard of a BBC performance. You are definitely on a superior level :D

My only doubt concerns the conversion in flac of the mp3 files that Wagnerite kindly provided, since a lossy format like mp3 remains lossy even after conversion, and there aren't ways to recover the lost signal (if any).
This is only a minor complain-suggestion, your work is absolutely unique!

Guido said...

Hi Woland, thanks for your comment. About the mp3/flac you're right, the "lost" part with mp3 compression cannot be restored: but when I try to manage/improve/cut/join sound files in any format (re-equalizing, declipping, filtering, decklicking etc) I prefer to save the final result in flac.

Of course I've also the - amazing - NBC performance of the same work with Feuermann (and the source is excellent) - It's in the future upload plan... but after many New York, La Scala, Lucerne, Buenos Aires recordings, rehearsals, interviews etc.

woland said...

Ho anche io il Quixote con l'orchestra della NBC (su un CD della Music&Arts) ed è forse la mia versione preferita. Sulle prime pensavo che vi steste riferendo a quello, invece si trattava di questa versione della BBC di cui ignoravo totalmente l'esistenza. La vostra competenza in materia è meravigliosa. COmplimenti davvero.

Anonymous said...

This is a remarkable thing you've shared. Thank you. I think it must have been a tremendous concert. Everyone's really giving it. Very involving, a beautiful DQ. Taut and elastic and giving such a rich sense of narrative. I really enjoyed this performance. The sheep are fantastic. Every episode is well characterized. Feuermann is really wonderful. I enjoyed the solo violist but can only guess or google. I'll have to play the NBC later, but I think this is a very different performance from that, perhaps as simple as Old World/New World. The missing or pinwheely parts are nothing for what one does get to hear. And parts sound very vivid. It's remarkable. People still jump in with applause too soon at the end. Ah well. The Bach is quite interesting. Tempos fairly modern mainstream. Again, thank you.

gpdlt2000 said...

Thank you so much for these excellent vintage Toscaninis.
Can we hope for his Shostakovich 7th someday?

Guido said...


Of course!!!
no. 1 and no. 7