6 March 2011

Rare Toscanini 019: All Wagner - BBCSO 1937


Part I (54:57)
01 Announcement
02 God Save the King
03 Faust Overture
04 Lohengrin: Act I prelude
05 Lohengrin: Act III prelude
06 Tannhauser: Overture and Venusberg Music

Part 2 (44:16)
01 Siegfried Idyll
02 Siegfried: Waldweben
03 Gotterdammerung: Dawn and Siegfried's Rhine Journey
04 Die Walkure: Walkurenritt
05 Final announcement

BBC Symphony Orchestra
Arturo Toscanini
London, Queen's Hall, June 16, 1937 - Live

Friedlinde Wagner (1918-1991), Richard's granddaughter,
in conversation with Ben Grauer about Toscanini in Bayreuth
NBC Broadcast: January 2, 1967 (13:58)

Another GREAT surprise from Wagnerite; many, many thanks!

Again I've removed the biggest clicks & pops and made minor adjustments.
Hope you like also the other (little) surprise in appendix.

Megaupload - with cover & infos


Guido said...


Claudia said...

While we can affirmatively hear what a great performance this (once) was, alas we can hardly hear that beautiful music itself anymore. Leaving me merely longing whereas in the end helplessly unable fully to surrender to its mighty charms. Therefore also major and even very radical adjustments would have been acutely welcome. Although I am righteous thankful for all of your precious gifts anyway, and of course I highly appreciate your immense efforts, I dare to bother you with this remark and I almost have to - since the fierce urge your tastful lure has risen leaves me no other choice.

Guido said...

Dear Claudia,
the restoration of old recordings represents a delicate problem. As in the case of ancient frescoes (forgive me for the improper comparison), not wanting to destroy anything of the original source, my intervention is always minimal. Not being a sound engineer, I offer these recordings in the state I found them with minor adjustments.
In particular, this source was very difficult to improve without causing damages.
I made numerous "radical surgery" attempts (a week's work), but the result was never acceptable.
I could reduce the defects, but only mortifying much of the "original content".

So I gave up...