8 March 2011

Rare Toscanini 020: Missa Solemnis (NYPO 1935) + Sibelius, Bach-Wood, Strauss

Missa Solemnis in D Major, op. 123 (82:36)

Elisabeth Rethberg - Marion Telva
Giovanni Martinelli - Ezio Pinza

Pietro Yon (organ)
Schola Cantorum - New York Philharmonic

April 28,1935
New York, Carnegie Hall - Live recording

acetates from AM radio broadcast - NOTE: In the "Credo" the "Et resurrexit tertia die secundum scripturas" (6 bars) is missing

Sibelius: En Saga
March 29, 1936 - Live, Carnegie Hall

Bach-Wood: Toccata & Fugue BWV 565
February 23, 1936 - Live, Carnegie Hall

Strauss: Salome - Dance of the seven Veils
January 27, 1935 - Live, Carnegie Hall

New York Philharmonic

This selection includes some or the rarest Toscanini documents posted until now.

The recording quality of the Missa Solemnis is certainly poor, but (particularly in the Credo and in the Sanctus) this performance contains wonderful moments.



Guido said...


Invocation said...

I was stunned by the cast. GREAT TREASURE!

D said...

I have been introduced to Beethoven's Missa Solemnis by ur posts...
And what a sense of feeling to start with the Maestro's version of Beethoven. The number of different recordings by Toscanini each gracefully shows the beautifulness in a different insight. Thank you very much.

Anjav said...

Au ! Thank you !

wagnerite said...

Salome's Dance is amazing!!!

What a pity there are no other recordings of Strauss' operas by Toscanini.

carloggc said...

Majestic, powerful, and in the Sanctus and Preludium, profoundly spiritual. Despite the terrible sound it is the best of the 20 or so versions of the Missa that I have...
Thank you!

Guido said...


thank you for the comment. I don't know if the best, but certainly a great, great version. Yes, the sound is poor... what a pity.
I hope in the discovery of a better source, before or after.

Peter Gutmann said...

Thank you so much for this and your previous "Rare Toscanini" postings. They are so important to expand our knowledge of his artistry beyond the well-known (and generally interpretively inferior) commercial recordings. They certainly help me to expand the postings on my website with more historical depth. Any chance you'll continue past the first 20 volumes?

Peter Gutmann (www.classicalnotes.net)

robin said...

Kind sir Guido,

Since Megaupload bombed us are we not to hear this Toscanini ever again?
Could you possibly upload it on another active server that serves the USA also.

Thanks so much for listening,