25 February 2011

Rare Toscanini 017: Verdi - Requiem BBCSO

Verdi - Requiem
Cherubini - Anacreon, overture
Mozart - Symphony no. 35
Beethoven - Symphony no. 7


Flac + cover


Guido said...


wagnerite said...

Thank you Guido for continuing these excellent series.

I have that Don Quixote but only in mp3 with poor sound. The performance itself also seems inferior to the famous recording with Feuermann and NBCSO, made a few months later.

Richard Strauss
Don Quixote

Emanuel Feuermann
BBC Symphony Orchestra
Arturo Toscanini

23 May 1938


Guido said...

Dear Wagnerite,
thank you so much!
Poor sound? No problem.
It's an important addiction to our Toscanini collection!!
May I ask you the permission to insert it in the next volume?

woytek said...

Great,thanks a lot Wagnerite!

wagnerite said...

The Don Quixote was preceded by Bach which I upload here.

Johann Sebastian Bach
Brandenburg Concerto No.2

BBC Symphony Orchestra
Arturo Toscanini

23 May 1938


Please feel free to rearrange and/or reupload these files, as appropriate.

woytek said...

Once again thanks! This concert was mentioned in two AT letters to Ada Mainardi (from "The letters of Arturo Toscanini edited by Harvey Sachs):
21 may 1938 "This morning I begin to rehearse the second program. First the Fifth Symphony, which I hadn't conducted in few years, then some bits of Don Quixote, which I also hadn't conducted in six or seven years. The orchestra applauded at the end. Are you happy that they applaud your Artu? Tomorrow morning I'll rehearse the 2nd Brandenburg Concerto. Besides the four soloists (violinn, flute, oboe, and trumpet) I'm using a small string orchestra - 4 first violins, 4 seconds, 4 violas, 3 cellos, 2 basses, and harpsichord. I think it will sound good! Too bad, you're not here to judge."
24 may 1938 "It was very good concert. I wonder whether you were able to have a clearer broadcast! And to think that I conduct for you, for the joy of pleasing and satisfying you. Feuermann played very well. I've discovered after several years the way to interpret a trill at the end of the andante of Bach's concerto in F! I trill in the violin part, right in the last bar, which everyone including Busch omits. [...] And I made the discovery very early yesterday morning, while I was sitting at the piano (but not playing), and you can't imagine my at having discovered that I learn something every day." I want to add that Bernard Shore is viola soloist in DQ. I'm also curious whether Beethoven V symphony from this concert exist?

Guido said...

Thanks woytek for this very interesting quote.

And thanks a lot again, dear Wagnerite, for the precious double-gift!!!

I'm preparing the "unexpected" volume XVIII.

Guido said...

Megaupload links for vol 17


wagnerite said...

@ woytek

I haven't seen the B5 from this particular concert yet. As far as I know, there is another BBC Beethoven 5th from 1939, which was published on the Toscanini Society LP.

Guido said...

You're perfectly right.

If I'm not wrong there are two surviving Beethoven's V with the BBC SO (I don't know in what conditions).

May 23,1938 and May 12,1939.

both very rare!