19 January 2011

Rare Toscanini 010: Wagner with the BBCSO (Live 1935)

A great Wagner selection, in first-rate sound for the period.
In appendix, the daughter of the maestro (Countess Wally Toscanini Castelbarco) in conversation with Ben Grauer.

Wav (concert) & flac (interview) + cover

Then a little (very little) pause with AT


Guido said...


wagnerite said...

Hi Guido,

Some day you'll come up with this recording, I believe:



Guido said...

LOL No danger.

But once I was playing the fool!


Anonymous said...


Thank you so much for these Toscanini posts. I have all of this material but, as in the case of the Fidelio and Meistersinger excerpts, they are on vinyl so its nice to have them in digital form. The Schubert ninth you offer is in better sound than the two versions I have.

By the way, the copy of Fidelio I have includes Leonora's aria to the end but it does have some dropouts in sound.

Thanks again. I'll keep listening.

Guido said...


I've 4 sources (2 cds, an audiocassette tape and a reel tape) for Fidelio fragments, but they stop at the same point.

would you be so kind to do an upload of the missing part, if possible?

Anonymous said...

there is no more after the fragment, the shortwave broadcast vanished forever.

Anonymous said...

Addendum re: the rest of Leonora's aria...My copy is on vinyl and I'm not set up to transfer it to digital.


yige said...

Thank you for all these rare recordings of AT! Could you check the part1 and part2 of this? I tried to download them for several times, but only got two 16.7kb files. :-(

Guido said...

I've just downloaded and unpacked the 4 files... all right.

Please try again and let me know if the problem persists.

yige said...

I re-downloaded part4 and now it's also 16.7kb... I guess I may reach some limit. I'll try to download it again tomorrow. Thank you again for your uploading and also for your checking!

Guido said...

uhm... sorry for your troubles with this post.

try the alternative links:


yige said...

...It's very kind of you! It seems I didn't make it clear. I DID download part3 and part4 successfully, but cannot download 1 and 2 after that. Later on, I tried part4 again, the link didn't work for me. So the problem should between me and megaupload, and nothing wrong with you. I'm really SORRY that I should make it clearer, so you wouldn't had uploaded it again! Thank you as always!

Guido said...

Don't worry... :-) there was another reason for the reupload.
In the first 24 hours the others AT posts had +- 80/100 downloads. for RT10 the download counter is still 0, and this is a bit strange (considering my own 2 downloads from another pc).

Anonymous said...

It should be considered that megaupoad has sometimes an odd behaviour. I downloaded everything fine from the first links. And the sound is very good. Many thanks Guido

wagnerite said...


Well done, Guido :)))

Amazing sound for its age here!

wagnerite said...

And above all: WHAT A PERFORMANCE! Esp. Siegfried's Death and Funeral March.

Anonymous said...

I am a Toscanini's fan; please continue your publications

Anonymous said...

can you post the recording of Ravel' s Bolero conducted by Toscanini in 1939 ?

Tim said...

I have the Brahms 4 which was the final piece in this concert, in case anyone is interested.

Guido said...

Welcome to Anonymous 1: yes, I'll continue.

@Anonymous 2: Of course Ravel's Bolero is in the future projects: but (just to follow an order in the great quantity of materials) before the NBC recordings I'll post more BBC recordings and some other rarities.

zauberharfe said...

Dear Tim,

I am truly interested in that Brahms symphony! Maybe, if you don't mind, Guido can kindly include it in the post as a 'bonus', too.

Thanks for your offer.

Guido said...

The odd thing is... aehm, I have that Fourth: I'll add it very soon

Guido said...


(Wagner only - Brahms upcoming)


Historic Opera said...

Here's the Brahms 4

ipromesisposi said...

A powerful Wagner.