6 January 2011

Rare Toscanini 003: Die Walküre (Act I, scene 3) Rehearsals

Die Walküre Act I, scene 3
Rose Bampton - Set Svanholm

I've in project several uploads before starting the tour-de-force with NBC studio/live recordings, but rehearsal sequences are "things" living in a world apart.
Listening for these 2 hours and 15 minutes (approx) of Wagner rehearsals captured in april 1947 we understand what we have lost not having a complete Ring conducted by Toscanini.

Flac + cover - no pw



Guido said...


Progress Hornsby said...

Back in the days when i was a young collector these rehearsal tapes were very hard to find. i remember a store in Manhattan where you walked in and if you went to the back and asked nicely you could buy all kinds of EJS, MRF, OASI and other home-made discs and these Walkure rehearsals were among them. I never got them during my mis-spent youth and I am so glad to see that you have now pulled them out of your bag of tricks. Superb choice, Guido, as is everything in this wonderful place. (I'm still enjoying that NYP Eroica)

Anonymous said...

Thank you, very interesting. Wonderful blog !

Guido said...

@ Progress

Sempre benvenuto!
Yum yum, what a good store in Manhattan. But yes, it's impossible to buy everything! But now we have the W.W.W.! Hurray!

Eh! Eh! Eh! (evil laugh)

wagnerite said...

What we have here is the most amazing Wagner conducting ever. Rose Bampton has no business with Wagner, that's for sure, but Toscanini's insight into this music is second to none.

He never conducted Rheingold but the last three Ring operas as well as his Tristan and Parsifal are severely missed indeed.

Your upload is also most complete and best sounding I've ever seen. Is there any information about the circumstances of these recordings or the state of the original tapes?

Many thanks for all these treasures.

Guido said...

Hi, Wagnerite.

During a period of research in the early 90s I was in contact with many collectors, musicologists, and above all descendants of Toscanini and Cantelli. So you can understand, ahem. "Unfortunately" I promised not to disclose some private recordings.... but this is not part of them ;-)))

wagnerite said...

Thank you Guido for your comment.

I for one cannot understand why the archive is being kept sectret after so many years :(((

tag said...

I've tried four times to download part 4

but each time it stalls after only 40K.
Can you fix this, please?

Thanks for your site!

Guido said...


tag said...

Thanks !!

Guido said...

Hi Tag, I've cheched part 4 and works fine...

Anyway now you can try also with Fileserve (links are interchangeable)