30 November 2011

Rare Toscanini 027 - Salzburg 37 & NY 1945

This fragment from Salzburg Festival is one of the rarest Toscanini documents posted until now.  A shortwave broadcast carefully restored by me, with a lot of work. Pant! Pant! Puf! Puf!

Not only, but the Strauss - in my opinion - is a MUST in the entire history of the recorded music.

Then, his last NYPO concert: again, AT at his best.

MU - Flac

Good news for lovers of acoustic period sopranos!

Birth of a new blog:


Hi Leo, good luck :)


Guido said...


FEM said...

CASPITA! Ilconcerto NYPO ne ho un paio (compresa l'Asdisc, ma i Wiener mi mancavano! Grazie!!!

FEM said...

dimenticavo: Grande suono!!!

Anonymous said...

great,great post

ion said...

Hi! the url says that the file is temporarily unavailable, do you confirm?

Anonymous said...

Files at Megauploads are often called "temporarily unavailable." I think it may be a matter of their servers being overloaded. Try again later, and it should come through.

Incidentally, Guido, this is a great package. Thank you for putting it on line.


Guido said...

@Fem & Philip
Welcome, dear friends.
I'm glad you liked this post!

And yes, sometimes MU files are temporary unavailable, but only for a while.