11 October 2011

Rare Toscanini 025 - More NYPO recordings

(with broadcast announcements)

Die Freischütz, overture

Aida: Ritorna Vincitor!
(Dusolina Giannini, soprano)

Danse Macabre

Prélude à l'après-midi d'un faune

Rustic Wedding Symphony - III mov (Serenade)

Lohengrin: Prelude Act III

New York Philharmonic
Live - March 1, 1936

Symphony no. 5 in C minor op. 67

New York Philharmonic
Live - NY, Carnegie Hall - March 6, 1931

The complete concert given by AT on march 1, 1936: very short, because Dusolina Giannini sang part of the program accompanied at the piano by Edwin McArthur.
So, in addiction I've included a Beethoven 5th recorded in 1931 (live).



Guido said...


Anonymous said...

Hi, Guido.
I'm Leo Nagy from Mar del Plata, Argentina. I've send you links for recordings of De Sabata and J.J.Castro.
Please, can send you your particular mail for send you a list of rarities from my collection!
Thanks for the recent posts!!

Guido said...

Hi Leo, thanks a lot-

you can write me here:


(please be patient, I open this e-mail only 1/2 times x week)

La Danse de Puck said...

Leo, I live in Buenos Aires and would like to know what you have conducted by JJ Castro, PLEASE!!!

Andrey said...

Good afternoon! I am Andrey from Moscow, Russia. Thank you very much for this fantastic Toscanini records.
If it is interesting... Here you can find Bruckner 7th Symphony with Toscanini and New York Philharmonic: http://files.mail.ru/RBTT9H

With respect... and sorry for my poor english.

La Danse de Puck said...

Sorry to be a pest! To Guido and Leo in Mar del Plata: I am looking for Juan José Castro conducting NBC...

Anonymous said...

I'm Leo from Mar del Plata.
I have recordings of JJC in the teatro colon. His reaparition after exile with Brahms 2nd, Hindemith, Debussy. Too, the Oedipus REx,and some of his operas ( I don't remember now which one).
I you want, I will upload for all!

Guido said...

You're welcome! I'm glad you're enjoying the Toscanini posts. (Many more will follow) ;-)

I bought this Bruckner 7th on the Pristine site a few days after the publication... anyway thanks for the link!

@Leo and Puck
Well, I must admit I knew only JJ Castro as a composer.
And - as Puck - I'm very interested in his recordings as a conductor (Hindemith, Oedipus Rex... wow).
BTW, after a little research I haven't found anything on the market... all unpublished material, I suppose. Thanks in advance!

ipromesisposi said...

Thanks so much for these treasures.
By the way, do you have the 1938 world premiere of Barber's Adagio by Toscanini?
Thanks in advance.

Guido said...


Hi! Of course I have it (the entire concert)...

many live NBC in the future programs ;-)

ipromesisposi said...

Wow! thanks. I'll be waiting... kneeling.

MarquisSmith said...

And I'd love another chance at this one too.