30 September 2011

Pictures at an Exhibition - Dorati & Reiner

How many orchestral versions of "Pictures at an Exhibition" do you have in your collection?
The answer is "Too many", I suppose :)

But here you can find 2 very rare recordings - never on CD (?) - by two great virtuoso conductors (and orchestras).

Dorati: studio recording on Philips (1953);
Reiner: live broadcast - NY (1960)

MU - Flac


Guido said...

single link


Anonymous said...

Good contrasting performances, Guido - in 'comparison' I prefer the Reiner performance - a bit more up & down within the gallery of pictures (Dorati seems almost hurried and off-hand by comparison). But both are great finds - YET AGAIN!

Reiner's Great Gate is truly stupendous - I think he was urging his tam-tam player to give it some welly as pay-back time for the very bronchial audience in Carneige Hall that March (must have been a long Winter!). I wouldn't have wanted them looking around the gallery let alone at a musical performance.

All the Best.

Guido said...

Thanks for your appreciation!
And I agree, Reiner version is far better...

Apart from the cough :)

About Dorati: I like the Minneapolis stereo recording more than this, but certainly he's not one of my fav "Pictures" conductors.

nvc365 said...

Hi Guido,
What a great post! Dorati is also one of my favorite conductors. I also post his Mahler 6th with Israel PO recently at carloskleiber.blogspot.com. (http://carloskleiber.blogspot.com/2011/08/dorati-conducts-mahler-symphony-no-6.html) You are welcomed to take a look. I will appreciate if you would also add my blog to your blog list.


gabor said...

Dear Guido,

Thank You very much. Gabor

Guido said...

Thanks a lot and...
Just Added!

And "from now to eternity" I'm a follower...