20 June 2024

Schumann - Piano Concerto op. 54 - Pollini, Karajan live 1974


Well, these two audio documents are full of questions that I turn to you, if you have any opinions  or if you know anything about it.

It is quite well known that Pollini was a rather shy man and apart from Abbado, Böhm (his favorite conductors: I know he also appreciated Jochum very much), followed by Boulez, Muti and a few others, he never established large and continuous collaborations... Perhaps some of you have news about the meeting with Karajan. Very interesting document, anyway: it is a nervous and sensitive reading by Pollini (particularly in the Finale) that I have not always found in his other live/studio recordings of the Concerto.

There are also doubts about the authenticity of this Beethoven 4 by Michelangeli... Perhaps someone better informed can clarify.


Piano Concerto in A Minor, Op. 54


Maurizio Pollini, pf

Wiener Philharmoniker

Herbert von Karajan 

Salzburg, 15 August 1974 


Piano Concerto N. 4, Op. 58


(Arturo Benedetti Michelangeli, pf - wrong attribution)


Belgrade Philharmonic Orchestra

Zivojin Zdravkovic

Belgrade, 7 October 1973  

FLAC + Scans


Guido said...


DeathGlider said...

I heard the piano soloist on the 4th Concerto was actually Maria Tipo.

philipm said...

Yes the pianist was identified some years ago as Maria Tipo. Orchestra, conductor and date are all correct.

Renegade Priest said...

Thank you, all... every day is a school day for me!

Ami Fritz said...

Fabuleux Schumann ! Pollini y est possédé et transcendant : la flamme, la passion, la grandeur de son jeu sont exceptionnelles.
L'entente avec Karajan est par ailleurs magnifique.
A mon humble avis, une exceptionnelle pépite que je vous remercie de m'avoir fait découvrir !
Le son est plus qu'acceptable.
Je n'ai pas encore écouté le Beethoven (par Maria Tipo, donc...).
Ami Fritz

Anonymous said...

Schumann is Bonus disc of Maurizio Pollini Edition


daniele said...

Tipo's performance is remarkable, by the way