12 May 2024

Bach-Scherchen - Die Kunst der Fuge - Scherchen (1965)



"L'art de la Fugue"

Orchestra della Radiotelevisione della Svizzera Italiana


Recording: 14 May 1965

2 CD - FLAC - Complete scans with details included


Guido said...


dgrb said...

Oh thank you! I didn't know this one existed - I have his studio recording and the Toronto one, but...There is a video floating around of him rehearsing with the CBC Chamber Orchestra (IIRC) in Toronto. When they take a break one of the wind players (!) lights up a cigarette and Scherchen goes ballistic.

Wanderer said...

Thank you very much ! A wonderful and rare gift.

Grover Gardner said...

Thank you, I lost my copy somewhere over the years!

Renegade Priest said...

As ever, thank you Guido.