21 March 2012

"Le post du printemps"

Igor Markevicht left us 2 studio & many live recordings of this "cheval de bataille". Here you can find 4 versions of The Rite recorded between 1952 and 1962.

And... merry spring to you all!


Le Sacre du Printemps

RIAS Symphony Orchestra
Berlin - 1952

Wiener Philharmoniker
Wien, Musikverein - April 6, 1952

Czech Philharmonic Orchestra
Prague, Smetana Hall - May 30, 1959
(Prague Spring International Music Festival)

Warsaw Philharmonic Orchestra
Warsaw - January 26, 1962

MF - Flac


Guido said...

Folder with 4 links


Eric said...

Thank you 4 times.

H A R R Y G O A Z said...

Have a SUPER week!

Anonymous said...

it won't open


woland said...

Oh, avevo scritto un post ma non è passato, ci devono essere stati problemi.

Grazie per queste registrazioni, non ne avevo neanche una, ho sentito soltanto quelle in studio e una splendida registrazione live da Boston del 1954. Risulta anche a te? La data è giusta? Spero di sì e che non sia un abbaglio, forse è la mia Sagra preferita.

Anonymous said...

working now

for me fricsay is the best interpreter of the rite of spring so these 4 performances confirm everything

many tks

Guido said...

Thanks for your comment. Sincerely I've not an absolute "first choice", too many recordings and different approaches to this score.

Ciao, Woland, bentornato da queste parti! :)
Non posso verificare immediatamente perché questi giorni non sono a casa... ho altre "Sagre" di Markevitch nei meandri di una collezione che andrebbe catalogata (sì, quando mai? ci vorrebbero un paio d'anni), le due in studio ovviamente, un live in Giappone, mi manca quella con la Suisse Romande che è su CD Cascavelle... ma quella di Boston, ohibò, non la ricordo.

woland said...

Ci sta che sia sbagliata la fonte che ho. Del resto è anche difficile verificare, di materiale sull'attività live di Markevitch ce n'è proprio poco. Peccato, più lo ascolto più mi rendo conto che è stato un direttore molto sottovalutato.

David said...

Guido, thank you for these Rites. And sorry to be a bit late in the spring saying it!

I was surprised by how much each of these has something different to offer - the sleek style of the VPO offering a quite civilised rite (& an embarrassing moment for the bassoonist at the start!), the rougher edges & raw excitement of the Czech PO, and then surely a proper French bassoon in the Warsaw version (quite difficult to find these days, yet surely what Stravinsky imagined/heard at the beginning?) I hadn't expected such variety within these 4 versions - as well as the orchestras' 'house-styles' varying, Markevitch seems to change his mind quite often about what is prominent at which moment. I loved the 'concerto for percussion' at the end of the Czech performance, but that's so different from the first 2!

Is any one better than the others? I couldn't tell you - I had to approach each as a separate 're-creation' of the score, they just aren't really comparable are they?!

Thanks again


Keith Glover said...

Sadly the MF Folder is empty

Can you please reup?


Anonymous said...

Could you please re-upload this wonderful torrent?

Anonymous said...

Yes I too would love a re-post of the Markevtich.

I've only heard the 1959 EMI recording (on one of the so called "burlap" Angel LPs).

I love this blog!