22 March 2012

"Le post du printemps" 2

Another "improved" reupload ad another couple of "Rites":

the 50th Anniversary Sacre + a live performance in Boston (1957).

As you know, Pierre Monteux conducted in Paris (may 29, 1913) the 1st world performance of Le Sacre du Printemps.

Here the original radio broadcast of the 50th anniversary performance in London, with the London Symphony Orchestra and again Pierre Monteux on the podium. The composer himself attended to the concert and received an enormous ovation by the audience at the end (15 min applause).

Curiously never "officially" published until now (e.g. on BBC Legends), may be for some minor imperfections: but the historical value of this recording is extraordinary... so, don't miss it.

Le Sacre du Printemps

London Symphony Orchestra
London - Royal Albert Hall - may 29, 1963

Le Sacre du Printemps

Boston Symphony Orchestra
Boston Symphony Hall - Live, april 13, 1957

MF - Flac


Guido said...



Gabriel Cezar said...

thanks a lot! Very good post - I'm right now looking for the perfect Sacre version! Hope this is it!

David said...

I think Gabriel might be disappointed... :-) Monteux in his 80s just doesn't seem to rise to the occasion. His approach is very different from Markevitch - much less elemental, more controlled, getting a better orchestral balance; but sometimes a bit too civilised!

That Boston recording, though, has the most amazing 1st trumpet about 6 mins in - I've never heard a trumpeter get on top of the orchestra at this point in quite so effective a way! So that version stays on my iPod to come back to!

Thanks for both of these; pity the anniversary version isn't my cup of tea.