10 February 2012

Richard Strauss conducts Mozart (reup)

A reupload kindly requested by Adam.

But please, do not ask for other reuploads, be patient. ;)
Of course my intention is to recover at least the most important things (all Toscanini etc), but I will start to do it gradually in three or four months. Not only because of the risk of new problems with file hosting sites: also because otherwise I'd have to stop the "new proposals".

Symphony no. 39
Symphony no. 40
Symphony no. 41

Berlin State Symphony Orchestra

recordings: 1926 (nn. 39 & 41), 1927 (n. 40)
(No DG or Koch... Direct transfers from 78rpm)

reup (see comments)


Satyr said...

Thanks for these records, Guido!

аффтор said...

thanks a lot, dear Guido. these recordings released also by Preiser, but their restoration is as bad, as Koch's one. didn't know about the DG release (LPs or CD?)

Anonymous said...

many thanks, i have a request: ATs Schubert Grand Duo and 5th. Most humbly

Tabbouche said...

A gem, thank you!

Adam Sonnenberg said...

Thank You so very much Guido.
It means a lot to me. A splendid recordings indeed! I'm humbly and patiently and with full understending waiting for the return of Toscanini's. But as I wrote I understand Your difficulties so take Your time. It's magnificent enough that You're still here.
Take care my Friend. I'm right beside You.

Guido said...


thanks for your very kind words and for your understanding ;)

Frei Aber Froh said...

Guido, I'm so glad with recent posts. Just loved the Malko's Haydn and Beethoven. Thanks a lot for hanging on. It is a pleasure to music lovers.

Guido said...


Comments like yours are my force.
Thanks, thanks, thanks.

Yes, Malko's Coriolan is not bad, Isn't it? ;)

Anatoly Kosachev said...

I'm so sorry...
Links are dead
Could you make the last Reupload these unique records?

Guido said...