20 December 2011

Cherubini Requiem + Mozart 35 - Carlo Maria Giulini

The first EMI studio recording by Giulini - never reissued on CD - and a live unpublished "Haffner" Symphony recorded in France (august 1959).


Requiem in do minore (49.40)

Coro e Orchestra dell'Accademia di Santa Cecilia

Emi Columbia Mono - Studio, 1952


Symphony no. 35 in D Major K. 385 "Haffner" (17.57)

Nederland Chamber Orchestra

Live - Aix-en-Provence August 27, 1959

MU - Flac


Guido said...


аффтор said...

wow! what a pleasant rarity!
Giulini is almost always persuasive.
unfortunately, i've heard chiefly his later recordings.

Guido said...

Hi аффтор,
thanks for your comment.

I'll try to find more early Giulini in my collection!

fimian said...

Superbo, Guido...Giulini è stato un direttore di immensa statura e comunque underrated...GRAZIE
P.S. Non riesco più a connettermi a http://classicalcollections.blogspot.com/ (bisogna essere, sembra, invitati....potresti essermi d'aiuto e farmi ottenere un invito?
(Beppe, email jfricsay@yahoo.com o beppedefusco@gmail.com)
Grazie anticipate e complimenti (magnifica quella 3a di Brahms di Hans Kindler...!!!)

David said...

I've always loved Giulini's work from the 60s onwards, some of the most wonderful recordings of the late 20thC among them. I'm very grateful for the opportunity to hear these 2 recordings. His earlier work often seems to me to be precise & accurate, rather than lyrical & carefully shaped, which are the characteristics I associate with his later work. Sadly I find these 2 recordings interesting rather than exciting! But I'm still happy because I have never heard Giulini's approach to either!

(I have some 60s programmes of him conducting the Nelson Mass, & Brahms concertos with Curzon. Now THOSE would be worth hearing if only someone recorded them!!)