16 November 2011

Mahler - Symphony no. 1 - London Philharmonic, Adrian Boult (1958)

Terrible cover, but very good (and incredibly neglected!) performance & recording.

Symphony no. 1

London Philharmonic Orchestra
Sir Adrian Boult

Studio - Walthamstow Town Hall, London (1958)
LP Everest 3005

MU - Flac

I have received complaints about some posts for copyright problems:
Probably relate to U.S. laws, since I never intended to provide recordings with less than fifty years. Also in Europe, recently, the expiration period of rights will be soon extended, but the measure should not have retroactive value (until 1960, 61 or 62 = free).
In any case the posts were removed.


Guido said...


anchusa said...

Many thanks!

nvc365 said...

Thanks, Guido. Not familiar with Boult, would give it a try.

Fred said...

Hi Guido,

This is a terrific performance and unlike any other Mahler 1 that you are likely to hear. Totally, totally unsentimental, purely objective in a Boult kind of way. Also, it is probably the swiftest and most lithe Mahler 1 that I have ever heard. Thanks much!


maready said...

Thank you very much for this transfer. I have a beaten-up copy that barely plays. Yes, this is a very unusual Mahler performance, but may in fact be quite 'authentic'. Boult conducted all of Mahler's symphonies in the 30s and 40s (except the 8th?), but only the Third (on Testament) and this very late (for Boult) recording survive. On the basis of his First, I would love to hear Boult's Seventh ...... maybe an old broadcast will surface someday, like that 'lost' Third with Ferrier.

Thank you again and thank you for all of the many treasures --- every day when I sit down at my computer, before I even check my email, I check in at 'Laureate Conductors'--- your taste and generosity is a blessing.

Guido said...


Thanks a lot for your kind and interesting comments.
I hope to continue with the blog, although I might have to change some projects, given the recent developments... :-/

Historic Opera said...

Dear Guido
The European copyright changes have yet to be written into law, so until they are the 50yr rule still applies. I would think that it will be at least 2013 until all states have passed the relevant legislation, so recordings up to 1962 will be ok.
Thanks for all your posts, and keep up the good work!

Guido said...

@ Historic Opera

Thanks for the clarification: I only heard about this new law but I did not understand from when will be actually "running".

David said...

Thanks for alerting me to Boult's Mahler - - I'd never associated him with Mahler's music at all, yet I now find he said he loved it & he is a sympathetic interpreter. I love the fine detail he brings out in this perfromance too - the bass clarinet as well as the other woodwind in I, the double basses coming through well in II (and of course III), and so on. I will certainly be exploring more of Boult's Mahler - if I can find any, it sounds like it might be difficult! Do carry on Guido, this is a fantastic treasure-house!

RichardF said...

I saw this in a second hand lp store and snapped it up. I had no idea that Bouldt had recorded any Mahler. I agree with the earlier poster who referred to this as "objective" and typical of Boult. It works wonders, particularly in the finale.

nzguy said...

Is there any possibility to re-up this wonderful recording?