18 October 2011

Golovanov conducts Wagner

Rienzi, Overture
Der Fliegende Holländer, Overture
Parsifal, Prelude & Good Friday music
Tannhäuser, overture
Tristan, Prelude & Liebestod

Recordings 1948-51

MU - Flac & Scans


Guido said...


drger said...

Thanks! Curious to hear what Golovanov does with the Tannhäuser overture (and the rest)!

Guido said...


Why Tannhäuser first and then the rest? Is your fav Wagner orchestral piece? :D

аффтор said...

i've found at rutracker Mozart's Requiem conducted by Golovanov. unfortunately, its source are the radio broadcast tapes of the 50-ies with essentially deteriorrated quality. but choral conducting both in opera and oratorio is more fmiliar for Golovanov.
if anybody shows his interest in it and cannot drag it out of there, i can upload and share it.

his symphonic Wagner is interesting for me too, but the operatic scenes could be more efficient.

Guido said...

@ аффтор

Hi аффтор! Thanks a lot for your offer.

I've the recording: just uploaded.

drger said...

@ Guido
Only just read your question (was on holidays in Sri Lanka!) No, Tannhäuser isn't my favorite Wagner orchestral piece. But it seemed an apt opportunity for Golovanov to go berserk in his inimitable way. As it turns out, although he certainly delivers high voltage and searing lyricism, he is topped by the 'gentle', 'elegant', 'viennese' Bruno Walter. (Ah, how inappropriate and reductionist this kind of characterization sometimes is!). I especially liked the Parsifal and Tristan items. Golovanov shows himself as a master of the long line here.