2 July 2011

Hermann Scherchen conducts Bartok (with Edith Farnadi, piano)

Another rare Hermann Scherchen CD

Piano Concertos no. 2&3 with the hungarian pianist Edith Farnadi (1921-73) - not Fernadi as reported on the cover - plus Music for strings, percussion & celesta. Recording dates: 1953 and 1954.

Flac & Scans


Guido said...


La Danse de Puck said...

My beloved Edith Farnadi! Was never able to get the complete Années de Pélerinage on LP by her so that I could do my own transfer. Over the years someone sent me a transfer made by Haydn House which is not what I would do.... But at least I have the music.... Thank you, Guido, for this rare Urania!

woland said...

ohhhh la Farnadi! Grazie!!!
Ho un sacco di Liszt suonato da lei. Mi pare una pianista sottovalutata, tecnicamente non sembra eccezionale ma sul piano artistico ha un molte idee interessanti.

Anche la Musica per archi etc di Scherchen deve essere stupenda.

Grazie anche per il CD della Seconda Scuola di Vienna, non l'ho ancora ascoltato, sono davvero affogato di impegni in questi giorni.

аффтор said...

as always, dear Guido, lot of thanks! you're aways at a top rank in the 20th century musical rarities. and what's about rarities in old music (from Perotinus Magnus up to Monteverdi and even to Palestrina)?

maready said...

Thank you very much for this one --- and also it's time I thanked you for so many treasures and surprises, most recently the Scherchen Berg/Schoenberg on Stradivarius and the Horenstein Schoenberg Chamber Symphony. (And the de Sabata, and the ... etcetera and so on!!!)

Duddy Kravitz said...

Thank you so much for the Scherchen performances! He was quite a musician and a great champion of contemporary music.

аффтор said...

dear Guido, i see no problems in cover mistake. anyone disturbed by that 'Fernadi' could use this one

Guido said...

@Puck, maready & Duddy Kravitz
Well, is always a plesure to read your kind comments when I guess the right CDs :-)

@Woland Anche a me la Farnadi sembra un'artista con idee notevolmente originali, che aveva parecchio da dire. Poi con i "due ungheresi" è proprio a casa sua, of course. Devo avere anche i Mikrokosmos, da qualche parte (tutti i sei quaderni)! Sì, valli a ripescare, però. Magari ci provo.

Well, considering the main argument of the blog is a little difficult to find great historical recordings made by 'laureate conductors' in the pre-bachian repertoire... but you're right, I'll try to post something in the next future.

piano87 said...

Could You be so kind, to give other fileserver? Not Megaupload...