13 July 2011

Brahms - Symphony no. 3 - Kindler and Beecham

Here a very interesting couple of rare Brahms 3.

Now almost forgotten, The (Dutch-born) American cellist and conductor Hans Kindler (1892-1949) was the principal cellist in Stokowski’s Philadelphia Orchestra; he gave recitals with Rachmaninov and Ravel, concerts with Monteux and Furtwängler: later, became a conductor.
In 1931 he had formed the National Symphony Orchestra in Washington and in 1940 they began to record. The major fruits were the third symphonies of Brahms and Tchaikovsky; but they recorded also shorter works and lighter repertoire.

Then, you can listen for the only surviving Brahms 3 conducted by Beecham (just 2 weeks after Toscanini's death): Sir Thomas was a "champion" of the Second, but he conducted only a few times 1 and 3, and never the Fourth!

Both versions are imaginative, vivid and energetic (listen to STB shouting!):
fast tempos and very flexible, unpredictable phrasing.

I don't know if these versions are on CD.
Kindle is taken from a 78rpm set; Beecham from a radio broadcast.
Two "outsiders", of course, in an enormous discography full of great readings...
But I suggest you to try :-)



Guido said...


Alxndrn said...

Dear Guido,

In a word - TREASURES, both.
Best readings come unexpected.
Can't thank you enough, dear friend.


Guido said...

Always glad to receive kind messages like yours, dear Alex. Thanks and enjoy the double-Brahms!

woland said...

[Sto facendo la scansione delle note del CD di Mitropoulos]

Che bello, questo Kindler non l'avevo mai sentito nominare ma la Sinfonia sembra proprio ben diretta.
E Sir Thomas in fase di esaltazione si ascolta sempre volentieri.

Guido said...

Ben ritrovato, Woland!
Questa Terza di Kindler mi è piaciuta molto e quindi ho cercato un'altra versione rara da metterle accanto. Anch'io conosco questo musicista da poco, mi ci sono imbattuto quasi per caso. Per ora ho solo il Brahms--- esiste un'antologia di sue registrazioni su CD Biddulph (tutti pezzi brevi) ma almeno per ora non ce l'ho :-/

leo nagy said...

Many Thanks for your excellents posts.Great music!.
If is of your interest I have a rare recording of De Sabata, the 9th Beethoven in Argentina, Teatro Gran Rex, I can upload it

Guido said...

@Leo Nagy
Hi Leo, thanks for your appreciation.
Really you can provide us this extra-rarity?
YESSS, Please!!

leo nagy said...

The link for 9th De sabata is.

www.fileserve.com/file/ecvj8Qv, i you want can include it in your blog.

I have some other rarities, tell me about your interest.

Guido said...

Thanks from the bottom of my heart.. and thanks again for your permission to repost it.

Of course you can judge my interests from the blog itself... always in search of rare / unpublished Toscanini, Stokowski, Bernstein, Cantelli, Mitropoulos, Celi, Barbirolli, Walter and so on, a special passion for rehearsal sequences; but also Wagner & XX Century opera or chamber music recorded in the 30s, 40s, 50s...
Write back soon. ;-)

leo nagy said...

Hello, Guido.
I'm happy for your words.
Here, a very rare Brahms 2nd Symphony for your collection:

Juan Jose Castro
Orquesta Estable Teatro Colon
Live November 11, 1955.
(can include too)

I've Toscanini's 9th Symphony in Colon, 1941.
Too,a nearly complete Ring of Erich Kleiber ( Rheingold,Walkure and Gotterdamerung complete, Siegfried Act 1, of 1940/47).
Others rarieties next!
Have any rarieties of Adolf Busch?


leo nagy said...

Hi Guido!
Have You read my messages?
Work the links Of De SAbata and Castro?
Please, answer me!

Guido said...

Leo... sorry for the delay in answering you.

Your rarities are AMAZING.

Anonymous said...

Hello Guido!
I'm Leo Nextly more rarirties. I've very busy last time...

La Danse de Puck said...


Loris Palvarini said...

It's possible repost this rarities ?


Sacqueboutier said...

Kind sir,

Megaupload is kaput. Would you please consider reposting this wonderful recording?

Many thanks,