23 July 2011

Brahms 1 & Kalinnikov 1 - Scherchen

Johannes BRAHMS - Symphony No.1 in C minor Op.68 *
Vassily KALINNIKOV - Symphony No.1 in G minor

Vienna State Opera Orchestra *
Czech Philharmonic Orchestra
Hermann Scherchen

Recorded 1951
ARCHIPEL ARPCD 0211 [79.52]



Guido said...


drger said...

Thanks for the Brahms, just listening, fantastic! Scherchen is like a medium, bringing to life the musical language. Some time ago I uploaded on another site his rehearsal of Beethoven 7 in Lugano (published on Tahra) It demonstrates for me impressively this medium like quality of Scherchen. In case you don't know it already, here is the link!


Anonymous said...

And thanks for Kalinnikov. The marvellous First Symphony (much beloved by Toscanini and Reiner) in an incredible, fiery, unashamed, super-romantic version. Maybe the best Scherchen ever (with Mahler 7th)...

Guido said...

Hi Drger & Anon, thanks for your comments.
I agree with you, two very important recordings; and I hope an occasion too for some blog visitors to discover this underrated masterwork (Kalinnikov 1, of course).
Thanks a lot dear Drger for the link! I have this recording, as the famous rehearsal of LVB 5 with the same Orchestra. But can be very useful for other Scherchen admirers ;-)

piano87 said...

Could You be so kind, to give other fileserver? Not Megaupload...