22 June 2011

Tchaikovsky - Symphonies 4&5 NYPO Rodzinski (1946, 1945)

A sort of "answer" to the Tchaikovsky 4-5-6 (with the Royal Philharmonic) recently published on classicalcollections...


Symphony no. 4 (NY, jan 13, 1946)
Symphony no. 5 (NY, oct 28, 1945)

New York Philharmonic

Flac & scans


Guido said...


Byrd said...

Thank you! Rodzinsky recordings from the 1940s are very much appreciated.

woland said...

Grazie. Le ascolto appena possibile, confrontandole con le altre che mi hanno lasciato un po' perplesso, non è decisamente il Rodzinski a cui sono abituato.

Guido said...

Ehm, non volevo sbilanciarmi, ma dato che ti sei fatto avanti... anche per me è così. Mejo queste, garantitissimo!! Soprattutto la Quarta.

Brent said...

These are delightful! And fast, as can be seen simply by the fact that these two symphonies fit nicely on a single CD. I was a little put off by the added reverb, but it really doesn’t detract from experience. Thanks

quantum said...

Muchísimas gracias

N.Sorokin said...

Thanks a lot for this gem!

I'd like to point out, that first 4 bars of premier movement of Fifth symphony is missed...

Mr.Potato said...

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