8 June 2011

Schönberg - Verklärte Nacht, Kammersymphonie n. 1 - Horenstein

Verklärte Nacht op. 4
Chamber Symphony No. 1 Op. 9

Symphony Orchestra of the SWDR Baden-Baden

Recording 1957 - Vox (Stereo)
from LP Turnabout TV 34263

Not particularly famous, but in my opinion Horenstein at his best.
This record deserves wider audience :-)



Guido said...


аффтор said...

Fortunately I own such LP (I've bought it @ eBay).
The only rendition of Verklärte Nacht I do prefer is that of Arthur Winograd on MGM (original or pirated by Melodiya).
Both Schoenberg's works from this LP were released on CD by Arlecchino with dull and flatten sound.

Guido said...


Well, never listened for Arthur Winograd version... must be really impressive! Cellist of the old Juilliard Quartet, right?

аффтор said...

Yes, quite right. Winograd was the first JSQ cellist. His experience in conducting is less known today, but I cherish both his Verklärte Nacht as the best and Pierrot lunaire as one among the best renditions (his Pierrot lunaire was also released on MGM LP and is now available from squirrelnyc.wordpress.com).

Anonymous said...

Simply awesome. Thank you!!

Love the Hollywood String Quartet's chamber version.

аффтор said...

@ Anonymous
There are numerous chamber versions of Verklärte Nacht worth listening. HSQ is undoubtedly among the best interpretations praised by the composer. But listen to JSQ + Walter Trampler + Yo-Yo Ma version on Sony. Trampler's instrument (Andrea Guarneri) sounds awesome in general, but in the 4th part it sounds like something extraterrestrial (catch 4:14 in the 4th part and some bars onwards).

woland said...

One of the most intense readings of VN, along with Mitropoulos's 1953 live performance.

quantum said...

Fabulous. Thank you very much

dgrb said...

Wonderful performances both.

Nobody's mentioned the chamber symphony, which I think is very special.