14 May 2011

Shostakovich - Symphony no. 5 - Horenstein


Symphony no. 5

Vienna Pro Musica

LP VOX PL 12220
recorded in 1952

Just an "intermezzo"... :-)

(don't worry... more De Sabata upcoming!)


Not my rip: thanks to alteroton62


Guido said...


La Danse de Puck said...

ouuupeeee! Horenstein, he who makes me cry with his Mahler... There is a BBC Legends that literally moved me to the quick! Very emotional! Since then I have never ceased to look for recordings by him. Many thanks for this "Intermezzo".... which maybe you could turn into a "Theme" for your next conductor laureate.... Best, Maria

Guido said...

@Hi Maria...

I've posted some Horenstein in the past, but...

"Turn into a theme...?" mumble mumble.
May be ;-)


Peter S said...

Thank You very much for the Horenstein Shostakovich. I was very interested to hear what he would do with it, and I was not disappointed.

In many ways, the recording and transfer were very good, enough so that I put some time into removing intermodulation distortion which probably comes from the original master tape. Shostakovich can be a problem this way, especially with high strings and piccolo with nothing underneath. I think I made some improvements and would be happy to send what I did back to you to use if you wish. If so, I need only an address to which to send it.

Thank you and best wishes,

Guido said...

Dear Peter, I'm very interested in your work on this source. Everything, here, is "public"... If you want to add links after my comment, they're very welcome!

Eric said...

This is the first Shostakovich 5 I ever heard and it started a lifelong love for his music. Thank you for the fine download and all the other great shares.