5 April 2011

Debussy - La Mer, Jeux, 2 Nocturnes (& Respighi) - De Sabata

De Sabata at his best!
(And the Orchestra dell'Accademia di Santa Cecilia too...)

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Guido said...


woland said...

Secondo me questo è il suo miglior disco. Debussy è semplicemente favoloso, De Sabata è stato il primo direttore che mi ha fatto apprezzare Jeux (un pezzo di Debussy che non mi è mai andato molto a genio. E secondo il mio modesto parere De Sabata supera Toscanini anche nelle Fontane di Roma.

Hai il Naxos con la Pastorale, Stravinsky e Mossolov? L'avevo visto qualche anno fa quando è uscito ma non l'ho comprato perché avevo quasi tutto su cassette. Adesso l'ho ritrovato in offerta a 5 euro, se ti manca lo prendo così, oltre a riascoltarlo (sto rivalutando il Beethoven di De Sabata dopo aver ascoltato la sua Ottava) contribuisco volentieri al "De Sabata Project" :D

La Danse de Puck said...

In truth, I don't think Toscanini was ever surpassed in the Respighi's Tone Poems, however, 2nd to him I would place Maximo Freccia and Vittorio Gui.
Regarding Jeux, try the early Cluytens in 78 rpm.

Guido said...

Concordo su tutto, in particolare su Jeux.
Il Naxos con Pastorale etc è già pronto per l'upload ;-)

Hi, Puck. In my opinion De Sabata gave us the best "Feste Romane". About Pini & Fontane... well, Toscanini is really fantastic. I also like very much Pini with BSO and Cantelli. Never listened Freccia & Gui in Respighi. Do you have their recordings?

woland said...

Hi Danse de Puck
Another performance of Jeux that I did appreciate was the one led by Van Beinum with the Concertgebouw from the '40s (if I remember correctly).

I know Massimo Freccia only by name, I have read reviews describing him as a very underrated conductor. And I know Vittorio Gui only through his opera recordings, I've never heard him in symphonic repertoire.
Were you referring to Italian-born conductors only? For the Respighi cycles my absolute favorites are the recordings by De Sabata, Toscanini and Reiner (the first conductor who made me fall in love with this music).

gpdlt2010 said...

May I suggest Daniele Gatti's Roman Trilogy with the Orchestra of Santa Cecilia?

Guido said...

I have it... and you're right. I don't like particularly Gatti, but this is one of his best (possibly the best) recordings.

fimian said...

Hi Guido wonderful blog indeed a real mining for discovering great conductors rarities.
Unluckily as Megaupload has been banned this and other fundamental De Sabata uploads (not to mention the others) are unavailable.
Could you please slowly reupload these great and very rare recordings?
Thanks a lot for all you can do for the matter !

La Danse de Puck said...

Further to your requests for recordings of Gui and Freccia conducting Respighi, unfortunately those recordings went with my friend Claudio von Foerster to his grave. I was never able to force him to give me copies. He was always reticent about sharing and sometimes [often] would have you listen to recordings and tell you it was so-and-so, only to find, years later, that those recordings didn't exist. He passed away in 2012 and with him went all his enormous collection, his invented ones, as well as the "echt" ones.