23 April 2011

De Sabata - Mozart Requiem (video fragment)

This is the only video fragment I know with De Sabata conducting.
Very short, unfortunately.

From the Mozart Requiem conducted in Rome (1941) for Wolfgang Amadé - 150th of death - anniversary.

For your eyes only ;-)
Please don't upload  on YT or elsewhere.

And of course, if you have evidence of other De Sabata video sequences, please let me know..!!



Guido said...


andrew said...

Thank you for this precious document, Guido! The pause at 1:33 is absolutely electrifying.

Guido said...

Very, very welcome, Andrew.
I totally agree with you.

andrew said...

I'm reminded of that old quote from Schnabel: "...the pauses between the notes-- ah, that is where the art resides."