3 April 2011

Beethoven Symphony no. 3 etc LPO De Sabata (Decca)

Beethoven: Symphony no. 3 op. 55 "Eroica"
Berlioz: Le Carnaval romain
Sibelius: Valse triste
Wagner: Ride of the Valkyries

London Philharmonic Orchestra

Flac & scans


In the comment section, links for THE ENTIRE RING conducted by Swarowsky
An amazing gift from Wagnerite.  


Guido said...


gpdlt2010 said...

Thanks for the continuing (I hope!) De Sabata series!

Grover Gardner said...

I got it. I'll try sharing on my Mediafire account, perhaps?

La Danse de Puck said...

PLEAAASE share that Swarowsky RING! And, Guido, you are killing me with these De Sabata CD's. I knew he was opposed to Toscanini in his view of many works but he's a damned great conductor! Many thanks for this rare opportunity to hear the many examples uploaded here. An absolute treasure.

Mario said...

Let me join to the request for Swarowsky Ring , please ! I was searching to hear it for years..

Thank you very much Guido for the wonderful blog

Guido said...

@Grover Gardner

Dear Grover... Mediafire or elsewhere, will be fantastic..

Thank you in advance!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Guido thank you very much for making artists like De Sabata become happy discoveries, esp here in N. America, where they are unfortunately not as well known as they should be. Much appreciated!!

wagnerite said...

Here is the Swarowsky Götterdämmerung from another source.

It contains 5 mp3 files with cue sheets, thus avoiding the mess with tracks described at amazon website:

CD1 - act 1 beginning.
CD2 - act 1 end.
CD3A - act 2.
CD3B - act 3 beginning.
CD4 - act 3 end.

Unfortunately, the CD3 wasn't cut properly and the first few milliseconds from CD3B went to CD3A. This can be corrected easily by merging the files again, I suppose.

Richard Wagner

Ingrid Göritz [1. Norn]
Margit Kobeck [2. Norn]
Siw Ericsdotter [3. Norn]
Gerald McKee [Siegfried]
Nadezda Kniplova [Brünnhilde]
Ditha Sommer [Gutrune]
Rudolf Knoll [Gunther]
Otto von Rohr [Hagen]
Rolf Kühne [Alberich]
Ruth Hesse [Waltraute]
Bella Jasper [Woglinde]
Liselotte Becker-Egner [Wellgunde]
Erica Schubert [Floßhilde]

Chorus of the Wiener Staatsoper
Großes Symphonieorchester [members from the Czech Philharmonic Orchestra and the National Theatre Orchestra Prague]
Conductor: Hans Swarowsky

Recording: 8/1968, Nürnberg

Source: OOP Weltbild Classics CDs


The rest will follow.

wagnerite said...

Richard Wagner
Das Rheingold

Rolf Polke [Wotan]
Rudolf Knoll [Donner]
Herbert Doussant [Froh]
Fritz Uhl [Loge]
Otto von Rohr [Fasort]
Takao Okamura [Fafner]
Rolf Kühne [Alberich]
Herold Kraus [Mime]
Ruth Hesse [Fricka]
Heidemaria Ferch [Freia]
Ursula Böse [Erda]
Liselotte Becker-Egner [Woglinde]
Angelika Berger [Wellgunde]
Hilde Rosner [Floßhilde]

Großes Symphonieorchester
Conductor: Hans Swarowsky

Recorded: 7-8/1968, Nürnberg

Source: OOP Weltbild Classics CDs


My copy of CD1 is in mp3, while the CD2 is lossless.

wagnerite said...

Richard Wagner
Die Walküre

Gerald McKee [Siegmund]
Otto von Rohr [Hunding]
Rolf Polke [Wotan]
Ditha Sommer [Sieglinde]
Nadezda Kniplova [Brünnhilde]
Ruth Hesse [Fricka]
Heidemaria Ferch [Gerhilde]
Liselotte Becker-Egner [Ortlinde]
Angelika Berger [Waltraute]
Margit Kobeck [Schwertleite]
Bella Jasper [Helmwige]
Hilde Roser [Siegrune]
Erica Schubert [Grimgerde]
Ingrid Göritz [Roßweisse]

Großes Symphonieorchester
Conductor: Hans Swarowsky

Recorded: 8/1968, Nürnberg

Source: OOP Weltbild Classics CDs


wagnerite said...

And finally Siegfried, in flac (!) format.

The complete cast is included in the last file.



Guido said...

Wow, really fantastic. Thanks a lot, dear Wagnerite!!!!!!!

Mario said...

Thank you very much for Swarosky's Ring, Wagnerite !