17 March 2011

Victor De Sabata - Live in Salzburg (august 1, 1953)

Verdi: I Vespri Siciliani
Berlioz: Il Carnevale Romano
Strauss: Tod und Verklärung
Ravel: La Valse

Wiener Philharmoniker
Salzburg Festival - August 1, 1953

One of the last concerts given by De Sabata (he died in december 1967, but his retirement is dated 1953: then he conducted again only twice more, once in a HMV studio recording of Verdi's Requiem - June 1954 - and at Toscanini's memorial service; funeral march from Beethoven's Eroica at La Scala followed by Verdi's Requiem in Milan Cathedral, 1957).

The audio quality is certainly not superb; better, anyway, than in the previous Nuova Era remastering published in the late 80s.


NOTE: In the comment section you can find a link kindly provided by adbm:
Sibelius: En Saga - LPO - Victor De Sabata (1946 recording)

Thank you!


Guido said...


Giuseppe said...

Thank you so much, Guido. BTW I've been looking for years for a Sibelius Second Symphony by De Sabata and, IIRC the London Philharmonic Orchestra (best performance I've ever heard of this work). Do you have any (good) news about this recording. Thank you again for such unique musical blog.

Rofrano said...

La Valse in the most devastating reading ever recorded, a truly legendary concert! Thank you!

zauberharfe said...

Che upload fantastico! Magari hai ancora alcuni De Sabata 'nel sacco'... ? Comunque sia, grazie mille!

woland said...

Meraviglioso! Avevo ascoltato solo La Valse, che è una cosa meravigliosa, sul CD Nuova Era con Ravel.
C'è una cosa di De Sabata che sto cercando da un sacco di tempo. il doppio fuori catalogo della Pearl con le sue registrazioni in studio del 1939-40 (tra cui le Feste Romane di Respighi).
Comunque è quasi un crimine che De Sabata sia stato registrato così poco, anche se so (ma non so se è vero) che molte sue incisioni radiofoniche stavano nell'archivio dell'EIAR che è andato perduto durante la guerra.

Guido said...

@Rofrano: you're completely right (about La Valse, of course)!

Certo che sì! E piano piano li tiro anche fuori dal sacco ;-)

Hi dear Giuseppe. You mean the First? I've no evidence of a Second. With the LPO he made a beautiful recording of Valse Triste and - if I'm not wrong -is the only "studio" Sibelius conducted by De Sabata. I have a Sibelius 1 with the NYPO (live 1950).

Guido said...


Ciao Woland! Combinazione, è il prossimo post... il doppio cd con tutte le incisioni Polydor a Berlino, aprile 1939. Non il Pearl ma l'IDIS; buonissimo remastering, comunque.

adbm said...

De Sabata also recorded En Saga with the London Philharmonic in 1946 a week before he recorded Valse Triste. It was reissued on a 2-disc Decca set in the 1970s

Guido said...

Thanks, adbm.
You're right, I forgot En Saga because this recording was not included in the Decca 425-971-2 reprint with Eroica, Walkürenritt etc.

Never on CD and I've never listened... must be fabulous.

Giuseppe said...

Well, I really meant the Second Symphony. It was from a reel-to-reel but I thought it had been already released by now on CD. I have the 1st. and the En Saga, but this Second was to my ears maybe the best recording I have heard by De Sabata. I had it on cassette which got damaged.

Guido said...

Well, amazing news for me! In the book "Victor De Sabata" by Paolo Isotta - Gianandrea Gavazzeni - Vincenzo Vitale (1992) is reported a very complete discography and this recording is not mentioned.

adbm said...


This is a link to the LPO recording of En Saga, made in Walthamstow Town Hall on 23-24 May 1946. All the 1946 LPO recordings have a very wide dynamic range for their time. According to the review of the LP reissue in the Gramophone there is a drop in pitch between sides 1 and 2 in the recording as transferred (around 3'50)

Giuseppe said...

Well, Guido, after checking every available source it really looks like I was "cheated" by the person who transferred to cassette the alleged Sibelius Second by De Sabata. In fact I'm 100% sure now that what was really transferred was the (unbeatable IMO) version of Anthony Collins and London Symphony Orchestra (rec. May 12, 1953), which is definitely in the De Sabata style and vein, so much that you could really mistake it as a true De Sabata interpretation.

Guido said...

What a Wonderful gift!!!!!
Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart.

@Hi Giuseppe!
Thank you for the information.

Recalls to my mind the case of Dvorak 9 conducted by Oswald Kabasta, for many years included in Furtwängler discography!