7 February 2011

Bruno Walter plays and conducts Mozart - NBC Symphony (1939-1940)

Very rare NBC recordings of Bruno Walter.
The most interest thing, here, is the opportunity to listen Walter as a pianist (as in the old Emi version of the same Concerto).
Nice sound quality for 1939 / 1940.


Flac + scans


Guido said...


zauberharfe said...

This is a very interesting recording, I've only heard him as a pianist in this workin the EMI references series (an 1937 recording there). I found that astonishingly good. Thank you for uploading this treasure!

woland said...

Ottimo! Grazie!
Walter l'avevo sentito come pianista in un altro concerto di Mozart (non ricordo quale, forse il n. 15) alla radio, anni fa. Però non avevo cassette per registrarlo.
Hai mica la sua Sinfonia Fantastica? Io ho l'AS Disc con La Mer di Debussy e il Prelude à l'aprés-midi d'un faune, se ti interessa.

Guido said...

Ciao Woland. La Fantastica sì, ce l'ho addirittura su un vecchissimo CD Fonit Cetra. Cerco di recuperarla in mezzo al bailamme.
Sai che non mi ricordo se ho anch'io il Debussy? Devo controllare, e in caso positivo anche che non sia "abbronzato". Ti faccio sapere, grazie e a presto!

La Danse de Puck said...

Walter was an excellent pianist. You should hear the Edinburgh Recital of Kathleen Ferrier, where Walter accompanies her. It is one of my most prized and beloved possessions. I love Ferrier a lot.

So it's great to have Walter and orchestra and him playing. Excellent choice. MANY MANY THANKS- Puck

andrew said...

Many thanks for this wonderful post. I came across this CD in a local record store, but I passed it up, buying instead a copy of AS 518: Szigeti and Mitropoulos play Brahms and Mozart. Ever hear that one? Szigeti at his transcendent best!