8 December 2010

Fritz Reiner conducts Shostakovich 6 & Strauss Ein Heldenleben (in Pittsburgh)

Odd label, this "Magic talent"... sometimes vulgar and sometimes fantastic.
This "cheap" CD (5$), for instance, is a little big treasure.

Very rare material and good sound.

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Guido said...


La Danse de Puck said...

Indeed rare... and with Pittsburgh,,,, I have ALSO collected many Arturo Toscanini recordings. Do you belong to any of the groups at Yahoo?

Guido said...

Hi Puck, nice to meet you again here. Yes, I frequented for a while yahoo groups, but above all I've personal contacts with 3 "huge collectors" (one of them in Germany and two in Italy). They gave me a lot of Toscanini rarities, and I've discovered through them forgotten conductors as Sergio Failoni, Antonio Guarnieri, Willy Ferrero, and very interesting italian, german, french composers of the late XIX / beginning XX (not performed and not recorded today).

Additionally, I'm transferring many live concerts from old tapes.

Fred said...


These Pittsburgh recordings are really useful when one compares works like Heldenleben with Reiner's later Chicago efforts. In general, I find his earlier PSO takes to be more relaxed and the music flows more naturally. His CSO records often bear the mark of a conductor holding tight on the reins.


Anonymous said...


it's interesting that you mention other Italian conductors such as Guarnieri. Is it possible that you have some recordings which never made it to CD (Aida prelude, Respighi Villanella and Gagliarda and Brahms 2nd movement from 2nd symphony)? Most of his precious recordings have been on CD but these have been overlooked. And that's all he ever recorded!
Thanks for everything!