16 December 2010

DSCH 1 - Kondrashin (1951) and Markevitch (1963)

In the next future I'll upload the same score in 2 or more different readings, choosing performances of great interest (rare or unpublished, of course).

Here Shostakovich no. 1 with Kondrashin (an old Melodiya mono, not the famous recording included in the complete cycle) and Markevitch.

flac + cover with infos
links in the comment section - no pw


Guido said...



La Danse de Puck said...

Given that this Kondrashin Shosty is not from the official edition, what's its origin? Same goes for the Markevitch. Although I believe I have heard him do Shosty's First on a DVD dedicated to him from the EMI Classic Collection sets.

Brilliant idea to do comparative listening like this. Sometimes these live / unknown versions or from LP transfers, may turn out to be more exciting or lead us to new discoveries within the work. GREAT!

Guido said...

Hi, Puck. Thanks for the kind & interesting comment.

Answering to your question,
Kondrashin is from an old mono Melodiya LP (1951), Markevitch from a Radio France broadcast: and Yes, must be the same published on DVD video. I've also a live version by Markevitch on double CD Lys (oop of course). In the next future I think to upload it. cheers...

La Danse de Puck said...

Guido, if you have OOP Dante Lys CD's I think there are many of us looking for them and it would be great to share them here. I am personally looking for a performance of the Schumann PC played by Arrau under Karl Krueger, released on Dante Lys, original source shellacs. The performance is from the 40's. So let's keep a look out. I know that Dante also released Series for each conductor: Reiner, Mitropoulos and I think Charles Munch [my adorable Munch]. So if you have any of the latter, GREAT idea to share them... Covers are something I don't have for these treasures and you might have the originals. Thanks in ADVANCE! Best, Puck!