19 December 2010

Brahms - Symphonies no. 1 & 3 - Philharmonia Orchestra, Guido Cantelli

May be you already have in your collection the only 2 brahmsian studio recordings by Cantelli in Testament & Emi CDs: good work indeed.

But in these LP transfers Cantelli's excellent Brahms sounds even more fresh to my ears.
Very little filtering & Wav files to offer the best quality.


Guido said...


La Danse de Puck said...

I am so glad that you have made these transfers from the LP's. Because Testament sometimes doesn't get it completely OK, you know. On the other hand, Andrew Rose can overdo it! Many thanks!

nvc365 said...

Hi Guido,
I am so excited to find this blog. I have a very special interest in conductor's rehearsal. That's the most straightforward way to understand a conductor. In fact, I have been looking for the AS Disc Cantelli's Tchaikovsky symphony no.4 with rehearsal more than 10 years. That performance has been re-published by other labels but without the rehearsal part. Thanks thanks thanks so much for this great dedicated blog. I am wondering if you happen to have the Horst Stein Tchaikovsky and Beethoven symphony 5 LPs, and can transfer them into digital format.

Thanks and keep those great forgotten recordings coming.

Guido said...

Hi NVC, thank you for your appreciation and congratulations for your very, very special blog. Unfortunately I've not the mentioned Horst Stein LPs. Just listened for Stein Bruckner 6th posted by you. Wonderful. In case of interest I can send you his Bruckner 2 (Decca SHM CD), Das Buch mit Sieben Siegeln (Calig) and a live Ring from Bayreuth.

woland said...

The more I listen to him, the more I realize that he was a giant. Now I'm listening to the 3rd symphony. What a wonderfully paced performance, neither dragged nor rushed, and perfect in its orchestral balance. And the sound is really great.

Guido said...

Dear Woland... Totally agree with you! And Cantelli is capable to find the real, deep lyrical heart of the 3rd Symphony in second movement, not in the "too-famous" Poco Allegretto.

Merry XMAS.

woland said...

Merry Christmas to you! I've seen that the LP of the 3rd Symphony contained also a Schumann 4th. Do you know if it has been reissued on CD so far?

Anonymous said...

What a 3rd !!! Thank You so much for this stunning transfer !

Guido said...

All welcome!


Schumann 4 has been reissued on CD. I'll upload it in the future.

Anonymous said...

"Unfortunately, the link you have clicked is not available."--Megaupload

got this for files 5 and 6


Guido said...

Only a temporary problem: I've checked, all the files are regularly available.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for Cantelli! Can you reup this post, please? Jarba, Czech republic